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10 Ways to Run a More Efficient Office

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7 Must-Haves For Your Next Marketing Plan

The new year will be here before you know it. That means it's time to start creating your marketing plan for the coming year. As you construct your plan and develop your marketing..

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6 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Web Designer

Anyone with a computer can claim to be a web designer, and many do. I've met many business owners who hire-in an inexperienced person to create and manage the website and social..

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5 Things Every Successful B2B Sales Operation Needs

When you're putting together your B2B sales plan, there are several key things that you need to know. By understanding them, you can develop a more efficient sales strategy that..

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6 B2B Sales Tips Business Owners Need to Know

For many businesses, a better understanding of sales is critical to ensuring business success. Unfortunately, the sales process is evolving. For optimum performance, it's critical..

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Should I Be Using a CRM? 4 Questions to Ask

For most larger companies, it's not even a question. Because of the scale of their marketing and sales operations, they use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In..

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How to Set Smart Marketing KPIs for Your Business

Setting key performance indicators, or KPIs, is a great way to ensure that you're tracking the right marketing metrics for your business. In order to make that successful,..

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Your 4-Step Plan To Get New Business From Existing Clients

Your ability to transform an existing client into your most loyal client hinges upon your efforts to establish yourself as your client’s most trusted industry resource. Securing..

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A Process For Sustainable Growth for Your Company

James Cash “J.C.” Penney Jr., entrepreneur and founder of JC Penney Stores back in 1902, is famous for his journey from clerk in a one-room store to founder of a massive chain..

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What are business owners doing with their yellow pages?

Have you said goodbye to your yellow pages? We’re Okies, but feel free to fill in “OKC” with your city’s name, except for those of you who live in San Francisco, where unsolicited..

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Marketing vs Advertising: Which is Right for My Business?

Everyone is talking about digital marketing and digital advertising, and the small business owner has every right to be confused. What is this inbound marketing everyone is..

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3 Approaches to Building a Website

Even the most hardened, old-school business people will have to agree that a website is an absolute must for any company: among other things it gives you 24/7 representation,..

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4 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Can't Be Beat

Marketing has changed drastically in the last few years: ad blockers, zapping and streaming, spam filters - potential customers are increasingly more guarded about which content..

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Four Keys to Hiring an Oklahoma City Advertising Agency

  The Oklahoma City renaissance is stunning. No longer a backwater cowtown, OKC has transformed into a dynamic community with strong job opportunities,..

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30 Greatest Lead Generation Strategies


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