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B2B Sales Tips: Raise Your Sales Game for Better Profit


For many businesses, a better understanding of sales is critical to ensuring business success. Unfortunately, the sales process is evolving. For optimum performance, it's critical that you review your sales process. 

When you want to make the most possible out of your business, these six tips will help you increase your sales, connect with your contacts, and leave them a better opinion of your business so that when they need the tools and services you offer, they'll turn to your business first. 

#1: Know Your Sales Cycle (Because It Has Probably Changed)

Consumer behavior changes over time--sometimes drastically.

For example, the average consumer today only spends around six minutes per day on the phone, but may spend twenty-six minutes or more texting. How does that change the way your company sells?

Often, quite a bit. When examining your sales cycle, consider these key questions:

Is it possible for members of your sales team to interact with customers via text or chat--often customers' preferred communication methods--instead of over the phone?

How long or short is your sales cycle? Do potential customers often connect briefly with your company before making a purchase, or does it take them longer?

How much research do customers typically do before making a purchase in your industry?

When customers need the item you're selling, do they need it urgently, or do they have time to consider the purchase?

You need to understand the steps that customers take in order to become your customers.

A deeper understanding of this process will enable you to solidify your sales cycle and provide the help customers need at each step along the way.

Image-Circle-crm-graphic.png#2: Build Systems Around Your Sales Cycle

You don't have time to babysit every customer through the entire sales cycle--nor should you. You do, however, need to have systems in place that will help each customer feel as though they are getting that one-on-one, personal touch.

Build a CRM.

Automate as much of the sales process as possible to take the burden off of your sales team.

Sales tools like meeting schedulers and website chat can help remove friction from the process, while tools like HubSpot's sales notifications can enable you to catch prospects at the right point in the sales cycle.

#3: Know Your Positioning Statement

Today's customers need your "elevator explanation." They want to know what your business does, how it does it, and any other relevant information in two or three short sentences.

Creating this short and sweet explanation is often one of the best ways to connect effectively with customers and answer their key questions about your business.

#4: Identify Common Sales Objections

There's often something standing in the way of a customer's buying decision--and it's not always price!

By identifying what it is, you can take the steps that will knock down that barrier and convince prospects to turn into satisfied customers.

If you don't know what the sales objections are, on the other hand, you may end up being blindsided by them when a customer raises an issue--or worse, never noticing them as a customer who hasn't made contact with your sales team slips away.

#5: Don't Be Afraid to Script

Once you know your positioning statement and sales objections, it's time to write. Script out answers to these key concerns and questions.

This keeps the information at the tip of the tongue for all of your salespeople and creates more consistent interactions for your customers. 

#6: Know What Your Potential Customer Really Wants

Connecting with a customer and negotiating a great deal that benefits both of you isn't just about preparing a script. The trick is knowing what the customer really wants--and often, it's not what they're asking for.

When you understand what the customer really wants, you're able to provide it, offering them better customer service and a better buying experience. 

If you need more help easing customers along your sales cycle or you're struggling with implementing these tips, contact us! We'll work with you to make your sales process more successful, helping you draw in more customers and provide them with everything they need to be satisfied.

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