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At Bridges Strategies,
strategy isn’t just in our name.



We keep ourselves at the cutting edge of the inbound marketing industry by adapting with evolving technology and building a team that thrives in our fast-paced environment. No one can know it all in an industry that changes daily, so to work at Bridges, you’ve got to be up for learning lots, learning fast, and working hard.

We're looking for...

Critical thinkers. Innovators. Someone to laugh at Jake’s jokes. The best of the best. Could that be you?

If you’re ready to join a team that loves data, new ideas, and tacos, take a look at our open positions. 

Open Positions

Account Strategist ►

Junior Copywriter

Our team is growing, so this list will be growing, too!

We also post all open positions to Facebook and LinkedIn (in addition to digital marketing insights, puns, and whatever else we think is funny at the time). 

The Perks of Employment



Unlimited, Free, Caffeinated Bean Juice


Teams that eat monthly free lunches together stay together


Stay too-school-for-cool with ongoing education and training opportunities



Craft beer. Brewskie. Cerveza. Get it on tap.


Remote work days.
No pants required.


Feel your best with company-paid health, vision & dental insurance


Snack Attack Defense Systems


Do good work & be a good human: flexible scheduling for work, play, and volunteering


Dress code: casual, comfortable, whatever makes you feel like the rockstar you are

Pitch Yourself

We’ve done our best to convince you we’re great (did we mention tacos?), but now it’s your turn.

Tell us why we need you on our team. Send us an email jobs@bridgesstrategies.com to pitch yourself.

Internships at Bridges Are Different

Let’s not sugarcoat it. You want more from your internship. At Bridges, interns have the chance to gain experience doing real work for real clients in a fast-paced agency environment.

We won’t waste your time with hours at the copy machine, but we will take the time to expose you to industry insights and teach beyond what can be learned in a classroom.

It’s not about getting everyone’s coffee
It’s about learning marketing strategy for the real world
It’s not hands-off shadowing
Social Media
It’s not just busywork

About Bridges

We’re a team that eats challenges for breakfast – and provides unlimited free coffee to wash ‘em down. We don’t have company-branded umbrellas, but we probably should with all the brainstorms happening here (and you know, Oklahoma weather). Every day, we bridge the gap between the present and the possible, and we have a dang good time doing it.