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Getting More Business from Existing Clients Can Be Easy


Your ability to transform an existing client into your most loyal client hinges upon your efforts to establish yourself as your client’s most trusted industry resource.

Securing additional business from your existing clients requires you to set yourself apart from your competitors by showing your clients that you know and understand their specific needs. Through this strategy, you position yourself as a devoted and supportive supplier. Below is a simple four-step plan to earn additional business from your existing clients.

1. Communicate with your clients for a non-sales related reason

Delight your clients by proactively reaching out to them with valuable information or a note to brighten their day. The chances are that they will be pleasantly surprised to receive something other than an appeal for a sale. Here are a few ideas to show your clients that you know them and value them.

  • Make a note of your clients’ birthdays and send them notes on their birthdays
  • Share an informative article, video, or blog post with your client
  • Send your clients holiday cards and notes on the date of their company’s anniversary
  • Refer new business to your client. After you send the referral in your client’s direction, follow up with a note informing your client that he or she may receive a phone call or request for quotation.

Learn more about customer relationship management with this free guide.

2. Ask your customers for feedback

Requesting feedback from your customers accomplishes a number of goals. It keeps your clients engaged with your company and promote a strong rapport between you and your clients. Additionally, you are showing your customers that their thoughts and opinions are important, which facilitates a trusting relationship.

Finally, customer feedback can be instrumental in helping you improve your business operations.

3. Show your gratitude with a tangible token of your appreciation

Cards, notes, phone calls, and articles go a long way to show your clients that you value their relationship with them. Complementing your words with some tangible tokens of your gratitude takes your client dedication to the next level. Below are some ways to go beyond words to show appreciation to your clients.

  • Treat your clients to dinner at their favorite restaurant
  • Invite your client to a sporting event
  • Send a personalized gift to your customer
  • Invite your client to a concert 

4. When the time is appropriate, ask your customers for more business

Completion of the three steps outlined above promotes three key conditions: Increased client satisfaction, greater reciprocity between you and your client, and elevation of your company in the mind of the client. These conditions, in turn, greatly increase the likelihood that you will receive a positive response from your client when you ask for additional business in the future. However, you should consider these three suggestions before you ask for additional business from your client:

  • Make sure your timing is right. Do not ask for new business immediately after you engage in Step 3, or your clients might wonder if you are presenting them with gifts in an effort to guilt them into buying more.
  • Suggest a product that is a good fit for your client’s business. A good option would be a new and improved version of a product that your customer is currently using.
  • Offer an incentive that you know will be hard for your client to refuse. A useful freebie that will increase your client’s efficiency or enhance their market presence are both good choices.

BONUS: Create a referral program.

We invite you to contact us to learn more strategies to secure new business from an existing client.

Our inbound marketing experts are armed with the solutions to help your company prosper in today’s competitive marketplace. We look forward to helping you become your client’s most trusted resource!

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