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Strategy Isn't Just
Part of Our Name




And it's not just
something we claim.


It’s something we do,
and it’s embedded in every step of our process.

We view your business holistically and individually.

There's no cookie-cutter approach. You get practical knowledge and advice that tells you where you are now, and how to get where you want to go.

We're part of your team.

Bridges offers leadership, direction, and advice that goes beyond the scope of marketing and dives deep into your business. We’re in it with you, as part of your team, to get the best possible results, and we use our knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions.

We [actually] do things differently.

You’ll probably notice that we use things in a different way than you’re used to or even for what they were built for. That’s part of our custom approach, and we’ve found it gets the job done, and done well.

Bridges by the Numbers

Founded in 2012 by Ashley Quintana and Jake Fisher to push the boundaries of ROI-focused marketing.

Our employees represent 5 countries and 4 languages. We even have someone who lives on a boat and sails the world.

Selected as a Top Digital Agency by Clutch.co in 2018.

569 volunteer hours in 2019 working with faith-based organizations, kids and animals.

1 five-time Sequence champion on staff (strategy isn’t just for marketing).

Globe (1)Globe (1)

We work in English, Spanish, and sometimes in other languages.

We have quite the diverse team at Bridges, and Ashley, who holds a masters degree in media management, wrote her thesis on what language you should use to market to people who are bilingual. 
In addition, there’s Marie and Edgar, who live in Costa Rica, were educated in Europe, and speak three languages. Sandy lives in Cancun, and she speaks Spanish, English, and French.  
An important point: We don’t translate. When we write your copy, we write in the specified language and we account for language in SEO as well. Translation, as you know, can lead to some real problems if it’s not accurate.

We grow intentionally, by helping people and companies who need it.

We use all available tools, but maybe not the way you’re used to.

We teach, we educate, we help you make informed decisions.

Inclusion and diversity inform the way we do things.

We believe in radical transparency. We offer bottom-line accountability.

We insist on candid relationships. We’re agile. As in nimble.

We’re built on sustainability, inclusion and diversity, tech, and innovation.

We only work with kind people.

We offer our employees respect, growth opportunities, and great benefits.

We work with people who share our values, especially about family.


Get to know the way we work.


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