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Sales operations that relieve pain points and close deals.

At Bridges, we create content to build you a better sales pipeline. How?

Effective sales enablement strategy that integrates your sales, service, and marketing teams.

Explore how we’re defining sales enablement for our clients below.

No matter which of these scenarios you identify with, you're likely in need of sales enablement.


Accurate, accessible metrics are a key part of your new sales process. And we never lock you out of your own reporting dashboards (like some agencies do). Through HubSpot’s sales enablement platform and our special blend of third-party sales enablement tools, you’ll have near real-time analytics to help guide your business decisions. We make it easy to send reports up the chain of command to a BDR or manager. See what’s working, ditch what isn’t, and gain new respect for your KPIs.

Expertise & Access

As a new branch of your sales enablement team, always have access to the key people you need to succeed — no matter the level of service you use with us. You’ll get your own business development strategist, a project manager, and a dream team of passionate creatives at your disposal. With options for quarterly, monthly, or weekly meetings and a dedicated Slack channel, no more playing phone tag when you needed something done yesterday.


Increasing sales means you’ll need to pay special attention to the maintenance and upkeep of your HubSpot portal. If you’re wondering how you’ll find the time to do that, we have you covered. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll change the templates, email sequences, workflows, and other automations that keep your organization chugging along — and you may find that we make optimizations before you even ask. See how our optimizations work with our free website grader.

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How do I know if my company is a good fit for your sales enablement solutions?

You’ve made it this far, which is a good start.

But we want to ask you some tough questions: are you ready for this growth potential?

Our most successful clients are sales professionals who want to go beyond what is typically considered “their department.”

See what other traits our highest performing clients share.

Sound like you?



After partnering with us, we will warn you about pieces of your ineffective sales enablement strategy. But it’s your choice to take our advice. 

Team Extension

We serve as an extension of your sales team in support, tools, and best practice.

Continuous Improvement

If you want to rake in the benefits of sales enablement, we have to discuss where to improve candidly.

Aggressive Growth Goals

Your team wants to increase their win rates. So do we. We’re ready for your big goals.

PDF Offer - The Beginners Guide to CRM-1

Find out what your team could do with an intuitive CRM.

It’s one thing to understand the importance of customer relationship management and another thing to develop systems & best practices to help differentiate your sales process from your competitors.

Our Beginner's Guide to CRM can help walk you through the improvement process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a simple question or a complex one, we're happy to help.

Uncover what you need below. If you didn’t find the answer to your burning question, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Do I need to transition from my current CRM to HubSpot to work with you?

As much as we love HubSpot, we know realistically it isn't the perfect fit for everyone. While we would encourage you to consider HubSpot, we would be happy to help integrate your current CRM to HubSpot.

How does integrating my current CRM with HubSpot work?

If you choose your existing CRM, we will need to map the integration to HubSpot for analytics purposes. This would require us to go through the scoping and discovery process as your current CRM, level of HubSpot, and other existing pieces of your tech stack can affect how we can integrate these together.

Do you work with B2C?

No...and yes. Our programs for sales enablement are primarily designed for B2B businesses. However, B2B businesses that also serve B2C will find success with our solutions.

We find that delivering a B2C-like experience to B2B clients is a powerful way to make a repeat customer. Frequently, B2B clients are surprised and delighted by being treated like traditional consumers. In their out-of-work lives, they experience the functionality and ease of use of a B2C experience. Why not apply that to their businesses too?

What does your typical client’s customer lifecycle look like?

Most of our B2B customers have longer sales cycles (minimum of three months to one year to close a sale) and yield high dollar amount sales when they close.

Frequently, our clients have high-touch and scaled customer journeys — meaning that their current client base and prospective leads expect a one-on-one experience, with customized regular touch points along the way from their assigned customer success manager.

Will you provide sales training programs on using these sales tools for my customer-facing teams?

We will! When we perform an onboarding, we will train your current team on how to use our tools.

We will also record our onboarding training with your team for you to utilize in the future. Additional training content (whether for sales solutions or tutorials on improving the buyer experience) we will address on a case-by-case basis.

How long is your sales enablement program? How is it priced?

We work on an annual subscription model with year-long agreements and bill monthly for the duration of our services. If you’re interested in pricing, contact us, and we’d love to develop your custom plan.

Desiloing marketing, sales, support, and ops is one of our favorite things.

It’ll be yours too, soon enough.

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