What Is Sales Enablement?

Jake Fisher

January 14, 2020

1 minute read

Sales enablement refers to the act of implementing tools, strategies, and processes that work together to improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of your sales team. Sales enablement takes your plans and puts them into action, boosting sales and improving growth.

How can sales enablement help you?

You might be surprised by the results you’ll see if you get on board with sales enablement. Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing sales enablement.

Better alignment between sales and marketing

When your sales and marketing teams aren’t working well together, you’re not just forced to mediate their disagreements, you’re actually missing out on opportunities to improve your processes. Sales can give marketing actionable feedback on their content; marketing can give sales the information they need to make the sales to customers on the fence. Above all, when everyone is working together, you’re all pointed at the same target and working together to hit it.

Shorter sales cycle

If it feels like it takes forever to usher a prospective customer through the sales funnel, perhaps it’s time to take steps to improve the process. Your sales team spends far too much time on activities that aren’t related to sales at all— things like paperwork, tracking prospects, and data entry. Implementing the right tools will give your team more time to do what they do best— sell!

Increased revenue

Who doesn’t want more money to grow their business? When you’ve got your teams working together toward the same goal, you’ll be surprised by how much money you’ll save. Your marketing team won’t be wasting time (and money) on less-than-stellar leads and they’ll get the information they need to improve their materials. The sales team will get the high-quality material they need to sell better than ever.

Grow your revenue without growing your sales team

If you have sales and marketing challenges to overcome, then you need an effective sales enablement program. More and more companies are appreciating the value that comes with syncing their company with the behavior or consumers.

If your company is interested in better efficiency and productivity with regard to sales, you need to get on board, too. A good sales enablement program will save your company effort, money, resources and time.

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Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher, a co-founder of Bridges, is a multilingual B2B entrepreneur. In 2012, Jake co-founded Bridges with Ashley Quintana, a former coworker at Tyler Media. Within two years, the partners scaled Bridges to more than one million dollars in gross revenue from a $10,000 initial investment. Combining business knowledge and insight with the comedy from his radio days, Jake regularly speaks at events sanctioned by organizations such as the American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, and HubSpot.


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