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How to Reach Your Goals with a Sales Enablement Program


If you have sales and marketing challenges to overcome, then you need an effective sales enablement program. More and more companies are jumping on this idea, appreciating the value that comes with syncing their company with the behavior of consumers. After all, if you’re not actively paying attention to what consumers want, you’re not going to get very far.

If your company is interested in better efficiency and productivity with regard to sales, you need to get on board, too. A good program to enable sales will save your company effort, money, resources and time. A good sales enablement team will ensure that you have the sales training and resources you need.

Here's a five step sales enablement strategy to develop an effective program. Think of it like going on a dream vacation to your sales goal destination.

1. Evaluate Your Sales Path

What's going on with your current sales efforts? Are sales down? Have they flat-lined?

Plot your destination on the sales map and determine how to reach that goal. If you don't know where you're going how can you ever expect to get there?


2. Pack Your Tool kit Properly

Once you determine where you want to go, you have a roadmap to success. Now you need the right equipment for the journey. Here's what to pack for the trip:

  • Sales Material: These are the powerful marketing materials that share your brand's message with the public. You need more than brochures to reach your goal. A company needs an impressive website, insightful blog posts, and an active social media presence. Your need content for sales enablement in a wide variety of formats and purposes.  
  • Digital Tools: No one leaves on a road trip without the right toolkit. The best marketing and sales tools are to be found online. Sales teams need to know when an email is opened by a prospect or when someone visits the company website. Communication tools like email automation are critical for your sales enablement program.

In the digital age, technology has the potential to facilitate sales operations in ways that can seriously impact a company's goals. It should be easy for customers to set up a meeting, track an order, re-order a previously purchased product, etc. These are the tasks performed by a digital body language tool kit.

Psychology experts can easily interpret a person's body language. A highly effective sales program will be able to interpret a consumer's digital body language which is expressed with every click they make throughout their online travels.

Understanding digital body language helps sales reps sell more effectively, because it helps them know what buyers are thinking. Your sales enablement process should incorporate an effective understanding of digital body language.

3. Don't Forget The Funnel & The Fuel

A long road trip requires filling up the gas tank. Run out of gas on the road and you will wish that you had a funnel so that an empty tank receives every precious drop of fuel out of that 2 gallon can. It's the same with marketing. You don't want a single sales lead to fall by the wayside.

Potential customers are the fuel steaming your company engine. To get the most out of your fuel, you need an automation funnel. After gleaning the right kind of personal data from your digital body language tool kit, custom emails, reminders and relevant content can be scheduled so that delivery to the right set of eyes happens routinely and effortlessly.

This means having one of your most essential sales enablement tools always ready to go. Wherever your leads are in their buyer’s journeys, delivering the right content at the right time is key to close deals.

4. Read Your Instruments

What happens if a driver fails to read their instruments? They can run out of gas or overheat the engine. Ignore your analytics and prepare to fail in reaching your sales goals.

A good customer relationship management (CRM) platform is your dashboard. Make sure you check it and understand what it tells you! There should never be any part of your CRM you don’t fully understand and utilize. 

The important data collected, collated and configured into helpful reports advises you as to the performance of content. Take advantage of discovering what types of content are driving engagement that, in turn, drives revenue and sales.

And don’t forget your customer journey maps! These are like the atlas you keep in the pocket on the back of the driver’s seat. Your customer journey maps are different for each buyer persona, but each tells you the details of each stage your customers find themselves in during the course of their relationship with your company. 

Having a lot of instruments is a good thing. It means you have the ability to get all the information you need to get where you’re going safely and on time. 


5. Consult A Professional

Any traveler interested in getting the most out of their journey will consult a travel professional. Consulting with the right sales and marketing teams should top the list of a company's marketing plan. 

It will help you create a roadmap that can help you reach your sales destination significantly quicker. Professional expertise is invaluable in identifying goals and shaping an effective strategy to meet them. But, perhaps the most valuable service a consultation will provide is the support and training that empowers a sales team to make the most of their sales enablement program.

In the end, a sales team wants to sell more and work less. Bigger average deal sizes achieved through an effective revenue operations (RevOps) approach are one great way to achieve this goal. Company sizes from just a few employees all the way up to several hundred can use RevOps to great effect. Your sales team will thank you.

Our marketing professionals can offer the solutions to get a greater return on your investment of time and money. Contact us and speak with an expert. 


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