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Data. ROI. Radical Transparency. Digitally native.

We measure our success by our clients' bottom-line.

At Bridges Strategies, inclusion and diversity inform the way we do things.

While most organizations like the people in the room to think just like them, we’ve built our success using the opposite approach.

We like to test good ideas, no matter who or where they come from. Our best learnings come from ideas we thought would work, but didn’t, and by testing iffy ideas that turn out to be spectacularly effective.

OurValues_Venn_diagramWe don’t really care what you think. Okay, we do care, but what we really care about is what the people who buy your products think. We’re building your brand for people who want to buy it, not just so you can put a nice logo and tagline on a coffee mug.

We’re data driven. And we start with a persona for everything. In fact, we rank on the first page of Google for persona-based marketing. It’s not complicated – if you really know your customer, it’s easy to talk to them. If you don’t know them, we’ll arrange an introduction.

We’re always asking, “Why.” Why did this work? Why didn’t that work? And what is the lesson? That last question is important. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Growth. Of. Your. Business.

We like working with underdogs; companies that are trying to disrupt their market, or family businesses that still use the yellow pages for advertising instead of the web.

The thing all of our clients have in common is they want to go somewhere, they’re driven, they know where they want to go (‘cause if you don’t know, we sure can’t tell you), and have some direction (we aren’t Google maps, ya’ know).

This is how we work.

We make it easy for you to fire us. Really.

Because we know you won’t.

We believe in Radical Transparency.

We’ve come into many companies behind former agencies that hold your files and even your domain name hostage. It’s painful for everyone to start over and it costs you money.

“When what you hear and what you see don’t match, trust your eyes” - Dale Renton

With Bridges, you have access to all of your files, etc., 24/7. You have a neutral email account not associated with us, you get updates in real time on Google Drive and we all look at the same data. Nothing is hidden. 

Data drives us. We look for, uncover, and use uncommon insights in marketing data to provide breakthroughs for your business.

And we don’t just tell you how things are going, we show you up-to-the-minute reports on just how our superior data analysis works toward your goals and improved ROI.


We Offer Bottom Line Accountability.

We lead rather than follow. Unlike other agencies, we don’t just measure clicks and impressions. Sure, we watch those metrics, but the most important thing is how the marketing is affecting your business.

If your marketing isn’t leading to customers, it doesn’t matter how many people clicked on that button. 

We’re Agile. As in Nimble.

We’re able to bob-and-weave with the best of them. What does the data say? How do we need to pivot, with rapier-like, acrobatic precision? You’ll notice that your contract will say that we reserve the right to move funds just for such a need, and you’ll be very happy it does.

A good example:

We had a client with a very niche business. That means few keywords with a lot of volume.  This client had appealed to multiple marketing agencies, only to be told that they couldn’t help. “You don’t have enough customers or volume.”

Bridges said, “yes, we can help!” But, we knew if we just go after a bunch of keywords, we probably wouldn’t get the business where the client wanted it.


Data will tell you everything you need to know. We started with one keyword, and took stabs at different types of content. Then, we used a keyword the client wanted, and another that was only vaguely connected with his business.  Oddly, the vague one outperformed his chosen keyword, so we linked them together, and one pulled the other up. This is the #1 traffic drive to his site.

We do what works.

We Insist on Candid Relationships.

After reading this far, you probably realize that at Bridges, we tell it like it is.

You might hear what you want to hear. But you might not. We’re not afraid of hard conversations if they’re going to improve your business.

After all, why did you hire us? 

We’re (again, that agility) always agreeable to meet where and how you want to meet. Technology being what it is, it could be over Slack, texts, Zoom meetings, Hangouts, you name it. And every agreement includes a monthly meeting so you get face time.

Strategy isn’t just part of our name.
It’s not just something we just claim.
It’s something we do.

Strategy isn’t just part of our name.

We view your business holistically and individually. There’s no cookie-cutter approach. You get practical knowledge and advice that tells you where you are now, and how to get where you want to go.

Our clients tell us that:

We offers direction and advice that goes beyond the scope of marketing.
We offers direction and advice that goes beyond the scope of marketing.

Bridges offers leadership, direction and advice that goes beyond the scope of marketing and dives deep into your business.

We teach and we educate.
We teach and we educate.

We do our part to to help you make informed decisions.

We're in it with you.
We're in it with you.
We’re in it with you, as a team, to get the best possible results

What's It Really Like at Bridges?

People are important. After all, that’s who you’re selling to and who we all work with. So we search for the best and the brightest and we like to treat them well; with respect, growth opportunities, great company benefits, and some nice perks.

Our agency goals and customer goals go hand-in-hand. For our employees, we want to be the company you work for when you don’t really want to work anymore. We want to work for and with people who love what they do and share our values, including about family. 

There are a lot of days where either business or family has to win; we want our employees to feel we’re the company they’re glad to work for that day. Because you get to work with great, understanding people who respect and share your priorities.


Quality Coffee (for free)

Great on Monday mornings and after a big lunch.


Free Snacks

For that afternoon slump.


Flexible schedule for work play & volunteering

So we can get those 100s of volunteer hours in.


Work only with Kind People

We’ve fired clients for being mean. Of course, all our employees are sweet as pie.


Monthly team lunches on the house

Everyone that can comes into the office that day for a fun community event.


Access to educational resources and continuing training

The more we know, the better we are.


Casual, tech-forward environment

Casual environments boost productivity.


Craft Beers on Tap

For after-hours chilling with coworkers. If you’re one of those nice clients, grab a glass!


Remote work days

It’s great to work without distractions. In pajamas. With the dog or cat on your lap.


Really good company-paid health, vision & dental insurance

Because a free lunch doesn’t cure your kid’s ear ache.

Our Vision

We have no interest in growing just for the sake of growing, or of making some “top 25 agencies” list, although you notice that we won Clutch.co’s award anyway. Just by being us.

We grow intentionally, by helping people and companies who need it. And we hire intentionally. You won’t see a bunch of layoffs at Bridges. When we hire, we offer people stability, good pay and good benefits.

It should always be a win-win.


Get to know the way we work.


Bridges Strategies sounds like a great fit.

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