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Grow your business by focusing on your customer success enablement.

We take your growth goals and translate that into a concrete customer enablement plan. Good news? You can start today — for free. Take our no-obligation assessment on how to align your customer support to your bottom line.

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People, processes, products, and services —
in alignment like never before.

First goal of customer success processes: transform your business through quality customer interactions.

Second goal? Continuous, unyielding improvement. Through our unique approach at Bridges, we consistently deliver results to our clients.

Explore what our enablement program covers below.


Through the power of HubSpot and a host of other reporting solutions, you’ll have a full suite of service and ticketing tools with more options than you can possibly dream of. Plus, the data is yours to access when you want it, not on our schedule. Tracking your customer lifecycle can really be that easy.

Expertise & Access

No matter the level of service you choose, you’ll always have access to our customer success staff, including your own success strategist, project manager, developer, and a powerhouse creative team. With options for a shared slack channel and monthly or quarterly coaching, we’re here for you.


Above all, you’re never going at this process alone. Every plan gets support systems set up for your inbox and chatbox. You’ll also get our playbook of documented customer services processes. If something seems to fall outside a standard request, just ask — we have a set of dedicated support tasks set aside just for you.

Want the full rundown on what you get when you work with us?

Let's chat over a growth assessment.


Is this level of customer relationship management right for me?

We’d love to say that every lead we get is a perfect fit for our sales and customer success program. (If we did, we’d be lying.)

At Bridges, we seek long-term partners looking to improve their customer journey — not just for next week or next quarter, but for years to come.

We’re not your typical “one and done” agency. We look for a very particular type of client when we partner with someone.

See if you’d be a good fit.



After partnering with us, we will warn you about pieces of your ineffective sales enablement strategy. But it’s your choice to take our advice. 

Team Extension

We serve as an extension of your sales team in support, tools, and best practice.

Continuous Improvement

If you want to rake in the benefits of sales enablement, we have to discuss where to improve candidly.

Aggressive Growth Goals

Your team wants to increase their win rates. So do we. We’re ready for your big goals.

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A success story about customer success.

Bridges helped Minick, a regional landscaping company, transform their business and set new growth goals.

Fixed Hard-Coded, No CMS, and Technically Inefficient Website

Not only did we overhaul their site to increase web traffic by over 500%, we transformed their customer support portal to address client needs. Happy customers mean repeat customers.

Ensuring Customer Base Growth with Custom E-Commerce Platform

Minick’s sales teams now have a new method of closing the sale with our custom e-commerce platform that integrates with customer lifecycle analysis in HubSpot.

Want more? Read the case study on how Bridges also transformed Minick’s digital marketing efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our time in this industry, a few frequently asked questions pop up. See if we can answer yours. If you’re still curious, we’d love to talk to you.

What does your typical client’s customer lifecycle look like?

Most of our B2B customers have longer sales cycles (minimum of three months to one year to close a sale) and yield high dollar amount sales when they close.

Frequently, our clients have high-touch and scaled customer journeys — meaning that their current client base and prospective leads expect a one-on-one experience, with customized regular touch points along the way from their assigned customer success manager.

Do I need special software to work with you?

Nope! The only thing we require is for you to be an active subscriber to HubSpot. While we manage and build within your portal, your HubSpot portal (and everything in it) is yours to keep if we ever stop working together.

Does customer enablement include reputation management?

It can! We find that customer success enablement efforts can overlap with elements of reputation management. For us to actively monitor your reputation efforts, we can customize a plan for you.

Will you provide training programs on how to use these support tools for my customer-facing teams?

We will! When we perform an onboarding, we will train your current team on how to use our tools. We will also record our onboarding training with your team for you to utilize in the future.

Additional training needs (whether for customer success efforts or to improve their technical skills) we will address on a case-by-case basis.

Do you work with B2C?

No...and yes. Our programs for customer success are primarily designed for B2B businesses. However, B2B businesses that also serve B2C will find success with our solutions.

We find that delivering a B2C-like experience to B2B clients is a powerful way to make a repeat customer. Frequently, B2B clients are surprised and delighted by being treated like traditional consumers. In their out-of-work lives, they experience the functionality and ease of use of a B2C experience. Why not apply that to their businesses too?

How long is the typical customer success engagement? How is it priced?

We work on an annual subscription model with year-long agreements and bill monthly for the duration of our services. If you’re interested in pricing, contact us, and we’d love to develop your custom plan.

Desiloing marketing, sales, support, and ops is one of our favorite things.

It’ll be yours too, soon enough.

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