What is Persona-Based Marketing?

Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

September 6, 2016

2 minute read

Have you ever seen those small aircraft that carry an advertising banner in the sky? Thousands of people see them fly by, and their marketing message is spread far and wide. How effective do you suppose it is?

Unfortunately for the advertiser, not very effective.

Buyers nowadays have all the information in the world at their fingertips. They don’t want to be showered with generic flyers or mass messages. The closer you get to personalized marketing, the higher your chance to convert them.

 And how can you tailor your marketing strategy to each individual buyer? By developing buyer personas.

Persona-based marketing is as close as you can get to individualizing your marketing message.

What is a persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of your potential customers, with as much detail about their demographics, career, goals, interests and pain points as you can gather.

You would not use the same inbound marketing approach for a single professional in their early 30s than you would for a stay-at-home parent with children of school age, right? These two are examples of personas, but in order to define a persona properly you need a lot more information, such as:

Background info:

  • Basic demographics
  • Job title, roles and responsibilities
  • Family type/size, household income
  • Budget

Behavioral info:

  • Pain points
  • What keeps your personas up at night?
  • Content and media use

There are many ways in which you can use your persona definition to design around a persona

  • A buyer persona should be used as early as product development. Your product should be designed to meet the customer’s needs, instead of the early days of marketing where the customer had to be educated about the product.
  • A user persona should inform all decisions for your web design and web content. Website persona examples will help you focus your efforts where they are most needed, and avoid making costly web design mistakes.
  • A customer persona will help you tailor your service and user experience to make them the best possible for your ideal customer: are they in a hurry? Do they want a more luxurious experience? Is budget a priority?
  • Finally, a marketing persona gathers all this information and uses it to fine-tune your entire strategy to ensure you are marketing to your persona, and that your message will reach exactly the person who will be interested in it… and not thousands upon thousands of beachgoers who are not at all your target audience.

Persona-based marketing enhances your marketing efforts

Persona-based marketing is all the rage right now because it enhances your marketing efforts in two ways. One: having a buyer persona template will make your message significantly more effective, since the prospect will engage on a personal level and identify with you and your product. Two: using your persona examples to inform your advertising means you will not be spending in marketing to people who are not your target, which will make your budget go that much further.

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Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

Ashley Quintana is a co-founder of Bridges Strategies. In her role, she develops, leads, and executes digital marketing strategies for the company’s growing client base, including a Fortune 500 subsidiary and an NBA basketball team. Ashley’s work can be found in the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, and she is an 40 Under 40 honoree for her leadership in business and community. She frequently speaks at universities, churches, and conferences on marketing, diversity, and business.


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