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Persona Based Marketing

Persona Based marketing puts a specific customer persona at the heart of your marketing efforts, enabling you to target precisely the right people and avoid wasting time and energy on scattershot efforts. Only when you truly understand who you’re speaking to (and with) can you connect with them in a way that is engaging, helpful, and genuine. A detailed buyer persona lets you get inside the heart and mind of your customer and empowers you to connect with them on a meaningful level.

How does persona based marketing work?

Most marketing agencies preach some sort of persona or target audience development as it's a common best practice. At BridgeRev, we build personas differently. It's not all about someone's job title, demographic or socioeconomic details, it's about core motivations.

Why do we practice persona-based marketing?

It keeps your marketing human.

Real people, real problems. People can always tell when someone is speaking to them directly. The wider net feels like it’s addressed to nobody in particular. In the age of social media the last thing any business wants to be known for is feeling “fake.” When people feel that their individual needs are appreciated and addressed, they want to engage in return.

It helps you stay focused.

When it comes to marketing, there are always more opportunities to throw money and time around. Persona based marketing helps you to cut through the clutter and take on spend your resources in a way that attracts the right people, not the entire world.

What is persona based marketing?

Persona based marketing means developing a fully-fleshed buyer persona. This isn’t just general demographic information, but includes things like specific age, education level, profession, income level, hobbies, beliefs, and habits.

Selling to this particular individual means you are directly meeting the needs and desires of a small group of people instead of putting out more general marketing materials and hoping that they resonate with somebody. There is no “generic” human, so why focus on appealing to them as your customers?

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Want to get started identifying personas for your company?

It’s one thing to understand the importance of buyer personas and another thing to develop effective ones that can help you differentiate your marketing. How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business workbook will walk you through that process.