The Importance of An Integrated Social Media Strategy for Marketing

Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

May 17, 2016

1 minute read

Social Media Strategy

Studies have shown that social media is the top daily online activity in the USA, dominating even email and Google. If you have a product or service to sell, you should already be tapping into this broadcasting system and taking advantage of all its many benefits.

And if you’re not, you had better hurry: at the last count, 93% of marketers said they were already using social media to reach their target audiences.

Why is it so important to align your social media strategy with your marketing goals to bring in prospects and leads?

Marketing Goals

Social media management can get you lots of exposure, but that alone is not enough to achieve your marketing goals. It is vital that you actually have an integrated social media strategy, and that it aligns with your general marketing goals. “Social media strategy?” you might say. “I’m tweeting and posting on Facebook and Instagram daily, what more can I do?”

The Importance of Social Media

For starters, take social media seriously. A tweet, even if it’s just 140 characters, can have a greater reach than a paid ad in a newspaper. Proofread all you post, and double check for branding, message and possible misinterpretations. Brands have been made (or unmade) because of their good or bad social media management - these days, a noteworthy social media scandal or viral hit can even get covered in national news. This doesn’t mean that a misstep is the end of the world, but rather that you should keep an eye on your social media at all times and be on your toes for a quick (and endearing) response should anything noteworthy happen.

Consider Your Target Audience & Social Channels

Another aspect to consider is your target audience and positioning goals: different social media channels tend to attract different demographics, and you will get a much better result if you target your efforts to the social media channels that align best with your existing marketing strategy. Are you looking to contact professionals? Teens and young adults? Moms? Don’t waste time and resources creating and promoting social media content on a channel that does not cater to the audience you want to reach.

Integrated Social Media Strategy

Finally, let us strongly suggest bringing your social media management together with your branding and customer service teams. This ensures that all social media strategy follows closely the goals, news and interests of the whole team. And conversely, the social media team can clue the rest of the team into the latest trending topics as well as what people are talking about in social media.


Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

Ashley Quintana is a co-founder of Bridges. In her role, she develops, leads, and executes digital marketing strategies for the company’s growing client base, including a Fortune 500 subsidiary and an NBA basketball team. Ashley’s work can be found in the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, and she is an 40 Under 40 honoree for her leadership in business and community. She frequently speaks at universities, churches, and conferences on marketing, diversity, and business.


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