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Choosing Oklahoma city advertising can be hard, but we have great tips


 The Oklahoma City renaissance is stunning. No longer a backwater cowtown, OKC has transformed into a dynamic community with strong job opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities and a creative focus

It is within this context that OKC enjoys a vibrant and creative marketing and advertising community. A Google search of "advertising agencies oklahoma city" yields almost 80 results. 

With so many options, how do you decide who to hire? Here are four keys to hiring an OKC advertising agency:

Know the field.

Each agency has its own profile. Here are some things that you want to know:

  • Who is actually doing the work? In OKC there are agencies with hundreds of employees and there are many one-person shops that farm out most work to subcontractors. 
  • What is the agency really good at? There are many marketing and advertising disciplines. At which does the agency excel? Look for commonalities between the agency's past projects. Look out for "marketing companies" that are really limited-discipline companies. 
  • Is the agency focused on you? Do they ask insightful questions? After learning about your organization and goals, can the agency re-articulate to you your goals.
  • Will they speak to you honestly? Sometimes the desire to make a sale overwhelms your best interests. Respect someone that is willing to disagree with you. 
  • Do they have experience with clients in a similar industry? An agency with a strong B2B background may not be the best fit for a retail client. 

Know yourself.

Clearly articulate the reasonable goal are trying to accomplish. Avoid abstraction. Make it concrete. For example:
  • Make 10,000 more transactions next year.
  • Generate two million more dollars in sales year-to-year.

Know your return-on-investment math. Set your marketing and advertising budgets accordingly. 

Make sure that your organization is ready. Do you have buy-in from your senior managers? 

Align yourself with the agency that best fits.

Review the know the field list within the context of your clarified goals:

  • Are you comfortable with who is actually doing the work? One person shops that use subcontractors are often inexpensive but they also can yield an inconsistent product. The larger OKC advertising agencies make an outstanding product and an outstandingly large bill.
  • Does the agency's top disciplines match your goals?
  • Do you feel comfortable that the agency understands your business and your goals?
  • Are they candid with you?
  • Can you see the best of your organization in the agency's previous work? 

Make the decision. 

Forge a partnership.

Your agency's success is tied to your own. Give your agency every opportunity to earn your trust. Lay the foundation of a frank and open relationship by mutually establishing the goals and the scope of the relationship. Once the goal is established, be open with your agency regarding progress to the goal. Work as a team to adjust when necessary and celebrate success together. 

To find out if BridgeRev Advertising is the right OKC advertising agency for your organization, give us a call at 405-813-3330, or schedule an appointment at this link

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