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HubSpot Mobile App brings their epic CRM to iOS


HubSpot just released an iOS app for their CRM product. 

As an HubSpot CRM user I give a full-throated, "WOO HOO!" 

The HubSpot mobile app includes:

  • A sales leaderboard. Nothing like a little competition to spur sales!
  • Reminders on tasks and when a deal becomes stale. 
  • Access to deals, including the ability to add a new deal. 
  • Sales contacts.
  • Full timelines for contacts and deals. 
  • Automatic logging of sales calls made through your cellphone. Now you can keep track of sales phone calls made via your cellphone. 


If you are a current HubSpot user the CRM functionality is a free add-on. 

Here is more information on the iOS HubSpot mobile app here

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