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HubSpot Mobile App for iOS Released

Jake Fisher

April 29, 2016

HubSpot just released an iOS app for their CRM product. 

As an HubSpot CRM user I give a full-throated, "WOO HOO!" 

The HubSpot mobile app includes:

  • A sales leaderboard. Nothing like a little competition to spur sales!
  • Reminders on tasks and when a deal becomes stale. 
  • Access to deals, including the ability to add a new deal. 
  • Sales contacts.
  • Full timelines for contacts and deals. 
  • Automatic logging of sales calls made through your cellphone. Now you can keep track of sales phone calls made via your cellphone. 


If you are a current HubSpot user the CRM functionality is a free add-on. 

Here is more information on the iOS HubSpot mobile app here


Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher, is President and Co-Founder of BridgeRev. He helps our clients with their revenue and growth goals by providing better strategies, better processes, and better technology. He also makes videos and written content to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers achieve their own revenue goals. And, he talks to business and industry leaders at conferences and association events.

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