Score a HubSpot portal audit — on us.

Our experienced digital strategists will audit your HubSpot portal and give you actionable items to increase your marketing efficiency, ROI, and alignment to RevOps best practices. When you get an audit from Bridges, you're receiving a thorough assessment to find marketing gaps in your process.

There's no riskno obligation, and no credit card required. 

The Fine Print 

Due to high demand, and our marketing team's bandwidth, we are limited to four free HubSpot portal audits each month. 

If you're looking to get a second opinion immediately (we get it!), we can help with that. Jump the line and skip the wait by purchasing your HubSpot portal at this link.

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What can I expect from a Bridges HubSpot Portal Audit?

What sets a Bridges HubSpot portal audit apart is that we step outside of marketing silos. Our mission for everyone we work with is to help align your sales, service, and marketing hubs. 

A detailed assessment and downloadable report.

We will conduct an extensive audit of your current inbound marketing efforts and campaigns, as well as an assessment of how to best utilize the HubSpot toolset to meet your sales, marketing, and service goals.

A checklist of action items to increase your HubSpot efficiency immediately.

Our team will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your inbound marketing program with you and deliver actionable items to immediately increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

A review of hidden opportunities to increase ROI.

We will also help you explore hidden opportunities to increase your return on investment and maximize your HubSpot portal's performance.

What's inside the HubSpot Portal Audit review report?

Platform Engagement Index Score

Our powerful tool compares you to other HubSpot users and grades your portal use on a 10 point scale. We can tell you how you compare to your peers on engagement and over all portal use.

Detailed Explanations and Definitions of Key Terms

One of the core values that comprise how we work at Bridges is that of radical transparency. So what we won't do in this report is spew a lot of "advertiser speak" at you and consider our job done. 

The best working relationships stem from a clarity of vision and a shared mutual understanding — even if you're just looking to get a free audit from us. 

Review and Recommendations

In the review portion of the audit, we cover an overall executive summary in addition to five essential HubSpot domains. Each HubSpot category has subscores and recommendations for each. Explore our definitions and what comprises the areas of this report. 

Executive Summary

Our high-level overview of your portal will contain your platform engagement index score and the big picture takeaway we've gleaned from viewing your portal. This summary is the roadmap to your actionable business decisions and improvements to your HubSpot. 

Security & Integrations

HubSpot's account security options are extensive. An audit of this domain entails looking at your permissions (for users and for third-party integrations), how you maintain password security, two-factor authentication compliance, and API security matters. 

Data Integrity

Among the fundamental concepts of data privacy are how data should be collected, stored, managed, and shared with third parties. Compliance with applicable privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) falls under the category of data integrity as well.

That's why your portal's data is so vital to your efforts. Without good data, you're hamstringing your long-term revenue goals. Keeping data integrity in HubSpot includes things like naming conventions, accurate contact records, contact database maintenance, target audience segmentation, and more. 

Marketing Performance

Marketing activities include a look at your Marketing Hub and how you're using the suite of analytics tools to create a powerful end-user experience. In this domain, we look at your SEO optimization efforts, marketing emails, conversion rates, campaigns and more. 

Processes & Automation

One of the greatest benefits of the HubSpot software suite is how it integrates each aspect of the business for a more unified revenue operations strategy. Utilizing HubSpot's full suite of tools, an organization can gather more data and analyze it for a cadence of continuous improvement. Leveraging that automation generates bigger results faster. When we audit your automations and processes, we'll look for things like workflows, ad tools, surveys, deals, call tracking and recording, and more. 


When your portal's data is actionable, it becomes powerful. The integrity of your data is crucial to making sure your reporting is complete and accurate, and custom dashboards and data visualization allowing you to make faster decisions.

A HubSpot Action Plan 

The worst part about most audits? You're left wondering "now what?" Not a Bridges audit. At the the end of this document, we give you a specific and limited scope of focus which tells you what to do right now. The specificity and limited nature of this plan will give it staying power. (After all, who doesn't love a good S.M.A.R.T. goal?)

Of course, if you want someone to tackle all the items on your to-do list, we can tackle them for you. Learn more about our HubSpot implementation and portal clean-up services

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“I think you all hit the nail on the head with the audit. My question to you is: what do you think we should do next?”

Brendon Willis | Willis Lawn Service

Why a HubSpot portal review with Bridges?

We measure success the way you do: by the bottom line.

Our approach is radically different.

The team at Bridges specializes in B2B partnerships that result in dramatic growth and transformation. 

With strategy embedded in every step of our process, we offer leadership, direction, and advice that go beyond the scope of sales or marketing. By harnessing data, we help you make informed decisions.

We're in the trenches with you and offer practical advice to maximize your ROI. We're also a Platinum Tiered HubSpot Partner, have HubSpot Certified Developers and are a part of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council.

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A HubSpot portal audit is the first step in understanding your current inbound marketing campaigns and how they are performing. If you're unsure of the next steps, we're happy to provide some actionable items to improve your inbound marketing program with a free consultation.