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How to Make More Money with Website Marketing


There is a Joe Chernov quote we live by here at BridgeRev: "Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart."

The optimal use of your website will bring in sales by appealing to your customers’ smarts and common sense, making you money in a seemingly effortless way.

Note we said “seemingly”. There is a lot of effort involved, but the ROI is absolutely worth it.

Are you ready to find out how your website can become your single biggest marketing asset?

The internet has changed the way people buy.

Nowadays, if you get in people’s faces to tell them how awesome your product or service is, they will find a way to ignore you by hitting fast-forward, zapping, using spam filters or ad blockers.

You have to be much smarter than that and make them come to you through marketing, instead of just advertising.

Here’s how to optimize your website marketing to keep the customers coming and the sales closing.

1. Focus on your customer

Think about the most charismatic people you’ve met, the ones everyone likes. They are usually good listeners, they ask smart questions, and they always have fun new stories to tell.

Make your website the most popular kid in the class by constantly publishing attractive new content, the kind of content your target customer will actually seek out. Make your website design so enjoyable for them that they don’t realize they are moving along the sales funnel.

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." - Joe Chernov

2. Get rid of website redesigns, and tweak as you grow

We’ve said this before: a website is not a brick-and-mortar store. Evaluate your website’s performance constantly, and develop it in smaller increments through the year: add a form, improve the sidebars, develop the most popular section, remove the link nobody ever clicks on and find a better replacement. This is what experts call growth-driven design.

Make the most of the amazing flexibility of digital marketing and make your web design follow to your customers’ input - this will make sure you end up with the best website you can have at any given moment, since it answers directly to customer’s wants and needs.

3. Allow your website inform other parts of your business

Knowledge is power, and the internet gives us unprecedented access to customer data.

There are tools such as heat maps, which show you the parts of the website your customers are clicking on the most, or hovering over the most. Imagine all you can do with this knowledge!

Another fantastic digital marketing tool is A/B testing - it is shockingly easy to put out 2 or more versions of an ad or a landing page and compare their performance before deciding which one to keep.

The Internet is a whole new medium with completely different rules - play the game and make it work for you.

Use the information you gathered online and feed it back into your sales strategies, product development, PR and other parts of your business.

Learn how to make your website your best salesperson with this free guide. Download now.

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