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Avoid These 3 Marketing Mistakes


Results are the ultimate test for any business, whether they're measured in dollars, clicks, visits, or any number of other variables.

At the forefront of this success is a marketing strategy that has fulfilled the needs of both the business and consumer. However, even the best laid plans are not without stumbling blocks. With marketing, constant tweaking and revising must be done to ensure steady success. 

Below are three common mistake made even by experienced marketers:

1. No verifiable return on investment

It only makes sense that companies would want immediate impact for their marketing dollars.

The goal of the marketer, however, should be to guide the company or business through the process of positioning, as there is far more to the marketing process than buzz words like “viral” and “analytics”.

Inbound marketing, for example, takes time, but is proven and actionable. When implemented properly, inbound marketing provides effective leads with true prospects.

In fact, 93% of companies using inbound marketing increase lead generation. Be it a large, medium, or small business you’re working with, return on investment (ROI) of marketing dollars is extremely important in ensuring the marketing plan is given the time required to sustain success.

2. Not investing in your best salesperson: your website

For all the high level online marketing plans that fuel your social media and digital marketing, you cannot forget to invest in the first place most customers will discover what you’re truly all about: your website.

Countless business opportunities are won and lost all based on first impressions, and the Internet can be a fickle environment.

A top tier marketing campaign is great, but if your marketing tools don’t extend to the look and style of your brand and web design, no amount of direct marketing, lead generation, or SEO will make up for it.

You don't have to invest a lot upfront, either - a website doesn't have to be built all at once like a building

3. Spreading yourself too thin

One of the biggest (and easy to correct) mistakes some marketing managers make is trying to wear too many hats.

You hired a staff of qualified people to help you shoulder a portion of the workload and pressure associated with it. Use them! Issues with sales? Brainstorm ways to improve the sale process, find a solution, then let your salespeople sell.

Promotion and advertising lacking? Implement a new strategy to help take your company to the next level, then lead by example, not by trying to do everyone’s job. Nothing leads to burnout faster than spreading yourself too thin, and spreading yourself too thin can ultimately lead to simple, compounding mistakes that could have been avoided by simply delegating and following up.

Trying to do everything all the time is not the answer.

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