3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Hiring a HubSpot Certified Team

Alexandra Bohannon

August 6, 2021

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2021 is half over. At Bridges, we’ve had an excellent year. Besides being named a Platinum HubSpot Partner, we’ve also been invited to join the HubSpot North American Advisory Council.

On our staff we have HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketers, Growth Driven Designers and HubSpot Developers. Every certification requires coursework, exams, and a practicum. We couldn’t be more proud of our team for completing each step.

Having a HubSpot certified team is huge. But if you’re scratching your head and not quite sure what the fuss is all about, see why having a HubSpot certified team at your disposal is more valuable to your inbound marketing efforts — as well as your bottom line.

They understand that HubSpot is way more than just a content management system

By now, if you’ve done any work in Hubspot, you’re aware that HubSpot isn’t just for web development and content management. It’s a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software covering every facet of a customer relationship, from prospect to loyal customer. 

Each part of the HubSpot CRM system tackles a different part of what any business needs in terms of data management, which includes:

  • Marketing Hub: helps you run inbound marketing campaigns, which includes email marketing and social media
  • Sales Hub: stores contacts, leads, and interactions for inbound sales
  • Service Hub: improves the customer service experience through onboarding new customers, managing support requests and more
  • CMS Hub: pushes web updates, host your website, and maintain your web infrastructure
  • Operations Hub: connects, cleans, and syncs customer data for easy, cloud-based access from anywhere you are

A team who “gets” HubSpot comes to you already understanding HubSpot’s five hubs — and how to utilize them effectively in their work. 

Plus, with HubSpot’s business terminology (“they’re not funnels, they’re flywheels!”), it’s better for everyone that, if you work out of HubSpot, you pick the experienced team who has the HubSpot sales and marketing certifications to back it up.

Their HubSpot certification process was not for the faint of heart

On top of a content marketing team’s degrees and other credentials, anyone who has a HubSpot certification has an extensive pathway of study from start to finish.

Not only do they need to work through the certification course and take a hour-long exam, but they also must submit a working project called a practicum. These practical exercises are part of the grading criteria to walking away from the course with a certification badge that can be shown proudly on their LinkedIn profile. 

And, as it is with all HubSpot Academy certifications, these HubSpot certifications require annual renewal. It’s important that a HubSpot certified team stay up to date, which is why they’re globally recognized certifications for a reason.

So any agency that can boast multiple employees with multiple certifications shows they invest time in their employee’s skill development. 

You can also see that skill development from the fact that...

They comprehend the principles of Growth-Driven Design

A good digital marketing agency should understand the principles of growth-driven design (GDD), an industry recognized design method. GDD utilizes data, metrics, and detailed persona and audience analysis when creating or rebuilding your website.

GDD is a powerful way to level up your website because you’re not just designing based on what looks good but what works.

When GDD is married to HubSpot, this methodology is unstoppable. 

A good HubSpot agency knows how to utilize the numbers to make a strategy-aligned website that can turn more conversions than you’ll know what to do with. 

So whether you’re thinking of hiring a certified HubSpot developer or looking at bringing on a HubSpot marketing agency, make sure they have the HubSpot “seal of approval.”

It’s a surefire way to add a globally recognized quality to your inbound marketing work.

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Alexandra Bohannon

Alexandra Bohannon is the Content Manager at Bridges Strategies. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Public Policy) and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature — the perfect blend of data science and wordsmithing. Her passions include writing, researching, and helping people get the results they want.


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