What is a HubSpot Certified Partner?

Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

May 10, 2016

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If you’re in the marketing business - or have a business in need of marketing - you have probably heard of HubSpot. You might already be a HubSpot customer. After all it is the state of the art marketing software platform used by many companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close delighted customers.

Anybody can buy service from HubSpot, but to make the most of all of the features, you need someone knowledgable in Inbound Marketing and the HubSpot platform.If your HubSpot is not producing a steady flow of sales-qualified leads, then you might consider employing a HubSpot Certified Partner.

What's A HubSpot Certified Partner?

HubSpot Partners are marketing companies which meet HubSpot’s stringent requirements to be allowed to work as facilitators, assisting businesses who want to sell through Inbound Marketing using this platform.

Bridges is proud to be a Platinum-tier HubSpot Certified Partner.

HubSpot certified partners are not only proficient in Inbound Marketing and experts in how to use the tools at their disposal - they also receive training on how to effectively manage, deliver and retain clients, as well as lead generation, packaging and pricing, and driving ROI.

Bridges specializes in Inbound Marketing, in both English & Spanish. Every staff member at Bridges is Inbound certified, meaning they are experts in the art of using Inbound Marketing to attract leads, prospects and sales and keep them returning.

What is HubSpot Academy?

The goal of the HubSpot Academy certification programs is to provide tools and resources for marketers and salespeople to take their inbound skills to the next level. HubSpot currently offers 8 certifications, with two more on the horizon.

What are HubSpot Certifications?

For the marketer and/or salesperson, the certifications give you additional knowledge and added credibility when it comes to showing the world the valuable skills you possess. For the company looking for an inbound marketer to work with or an agency to partner with, the certifications help you verify the team's aptitude and skillset.

Some certifications are free and open to the public and others are only for HubSpot customers. While the shortest certification is only 5 classes and 2 hours long (Sales Software Certification), some of the certifications are much more lengthy and have a higher degree of difficulty, as they require you have an existing knowledge base to understand the certification. Such is the case with the Growth Driven Design Agency Certification which requires a background in HTML, CSS, and PHP for relevancy and understanding.

The GDD certification is by far the most intense. It requires about 15 hours to complete, but it's also the most rewarding. After you've completed the certification, GDD is all you'll be able to talk about for a few weeks.

Here's a full list of the HubSpot Certifications:

  • Inbound Certification
  • Inbound Sales Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
  • Agency Partner Certification
  • Growth Driven Design Agency Certification
  • HubSpot Design Certification
  • Contextual Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Sales Software Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification

Together, the team at Bridges holds every certification HubSpot offers, including a certified HubSpot developer.

Looking for a HubSpot Certified Agency?

If you need help with your HubSpot or if you’re looking to increase your sales by generating leads, nurturing those leads and developing customer loyalty through Inbound Marketing, book a free inbound marketing assessment. We will be delighted to help you delight your customers.

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Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

Ashley Quintana is a co-founder of Bridges. In her role, she develops, leads, and executes digital marketing strategies for the company’s growing client base, including a Fortune 500 subsidiary and an NBA basketball team. Ashley’s work can be found in the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, and she is an 40 Under 40 honoree for her leadership in business and community. She frequently speaks at universities, churches, and conferences on marketing, diversity, and business.


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