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Elite Insights: Important Updates from HubSpot


Elite Insights - February 2024


Welcome back to Elite Insights!

This month, we're sharing some important updates from HubSpot that you won't want to miss. From the latest tweaks in pricing to the newest features rolled out in February, and a deep dive into HubSpot's insightful "State of Platforms" report, we've got lots to talk about.

HubSpot is constantly evolving to help you stay ahead in the game, and we're here to make sure you catch every bit of it. So, let's get into it and explore these developments together!

What's New In HubSpot: 

HubSpot's newest updates are a testament to its ongoing commitment to enhance the power and precision of your marketing, sales, and service strategies. With a focus on driving greater efficiency, delivering deeper insights, and maximizing the impact of your efforts, these updates are designed to help your business harness the full potential of the HubSpot platform.

Updates include:

  • Associated Deal Value
  • Enhanced Deal Pipeline Rules
  • Skill-Based Ticket Routing for Help Desk Emails
  • Conditional Form to URL Routing

  • Action Sets for Workflow Efficiency

eBook: Understanding HubSpot's Pricing Update 

In case you missed it, on March 5th HubSpot is updating their pricing model.

To help you better understand the changes and impact, we've got just the thing to put your mind at ease!

This eBook is designed to guide you through the intricacies of HubSpot's 2024 pricing updates. Our goal is to provide clarity on the new pricing model, explore its benefits, and offer strategic guidance on how businesses can maximize value from these changes.

Cover Imagee Book Understanding HubSpots 2024 Pricing Updates

Content includes: 

- Overview of the 2024 Pricing Updates
- Detailed Breakdown of Pricing Changes
- Implications for New and Existing Users
- Maximizing the Value of HubSpot's New Pricing

With these changes, businesses have a unique opportunity to enhance their growth strategies, improve operational efficiency, and deliver even more value to their customers.

Report: HubSpot's The State of Platforms 

Dive into the latest insights with HubSpot's newly released "State of Platforms Report"!

This comprehensive report offers a unique glimpse into the current landscape of digital platforms, highlighting trends, challenges, and opportunities that businesses face today.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 2.32.58 PM
In this report, you will learn more about:

- The rise of platform ecosystems
- Partnership team structures
- Impacts on revenue and growth

Explore this comprehensive analysis to gain insights into how platform ecosystems are revolutionizing business strategies and technological advancements.

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