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What's New In HubSpot: February


What's New In HubSpot - February


February brings a fresh batch of HubSpot updates designed to enhance the efficiency, insight, and impact of your marketing, sales, and service efforts. From new metrics that spotlight the revenue impact of your campaigns to advanced integration features, these updates are tailored to help businesses leverage the full power of the HubSpot platform. Let's dive into the details of each update and explore their significance and utility.

Associated Deal Value

Associated Deal Value

What's New: HubSpot introduces the 'Associated Deal Value' metric for Marketing Pro customers, offering a clearer insight into the revenue impact of their campaigns. This metric aggregates the total deal value of all closed-won deals linked to a campaign, providing a direct correlation between marketing efforts and revenue generation.

Why It Matters: Understanding the financial outcomes of marketing campaigns is crucial for assessing their effectiveness. With the Associated Deal Value metric, marketers can quantify the direct impact of their campaigns on the company's bottom line, enabling more data-driven strategy adjustments and resource allocation.

Semrush Keyword Intent Data in AI Blog Wizard

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 2.35.53 PM

What's New: The AI Blog post generator now includes keyword intent labels from Semrush, alongside the usual metrics like monthly search volume and ranking difficulty. This enhancement allows marketers to discern the underlying intent of a keyword, making it easier to craft content that matches users' search purposes.

Why It Matters: Aligning content with user intent is a cornerstone of effective SEO. By identifying the intent behind keywords, marketers can tailor their content to better satisfy user queries, improving the chances of ranking higher in search engine results and attracting more qualified traffic.

Enhanced Deal Pipeline Rules

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 2.37.31 PM

What's New: HubSpot now allows for the creation and management of rules within deal pipelines. This feature empowers admins to enforce data integrity, streamline reporting, and automate stage-driven workflows more effectively.

Why It Matters: The integrity and organization of deal data are essential for accurate forecasting and decision-making. By setting rules for deal progression, businesses can ensure consistent data quality and leverage automated workflows to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the sales process.

Skill-Based Ticket Routing for Help Desk Emails

Skill Based Ticket Routing

What's New: For Help Desk and Service Hub Enterprise customers, skill-based ticket routing is now available. This functionality routes customer inquiries to the most qualified agents based on their skills and the nature of the inquiry, optimizing resolution times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why It Matters: Efficient issue resolution is key to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Skill-based routing ensures that customers' problems are addressed by the most capable hands, reducing resolution times and improving the overall customer experience.

Conditional Form to URL Routing

Conditional Form to URL Routing

What's New: HubSpot introduces conditional routing for form submissions, allowing for dynamic redirection to different URLs based on form responses. This feature can be used to guide visitors to specific HubSpot pages, external URLs, or meeting scheduling pages, tailored to their needs or interests.

Why It Matters: Personalizing the user journey is essential for engaging prospects and customers effectively. By dynamically routing users based on form inputs, businesses can deliver more relevant and tailored experiences, boosting conversion rates and enhancing user satisfaction.

New Stripe Payment Processing in HubSpot Free Tools

New Stripe Payment Processing

What's New: HubSpot Free Tools now includes a Beta version of Stripe payment processing. This integration allows users to collect payments directly within the CRM, leveraging the billing and invoicing capabilities of Commerce Hub.

Why It Matters: Streamlining payment processes can significantly enhance the customer experience and operational efficiency. With Stripe integration, businesses can offer seamless payment options, simplifying transactions and fostering a smoother customer journey.

Action Sets for Workflow Efficiency

Action Sets

What's New: HubSpot Enterprise portals now feature Action Sets, enabling users to save and reuse groups of workflow actions. This facilitates quicker workflow creation and ensures consistency across team operations.

Why It Matters: Efficiency and consistency in workflow management are vital for maintaining operational agility. Action Sets not only streamline the workflow creation process but also empower teams to leverage best practices and standardized procedures across their campaigns.

Direct Sequence Enrollment and Meeting Booking from NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics

Enroll from Dynamics

What's New: Users of NetSuite or Dynamics 365 can now enroll contacts in HubSpot sequences or book meetings directly from these platforms, thanks to the HubSpot Embed feature. This integration simplifies the process of managing contacts and scheduling across systems.

Why It Matters: Seamless integration between CRM systems and HubSpot enables sales teams to operate more efficiently, reducing the need for constant platform switching. This connectivity ensures that teams can focus on engagement and sales, rather than administrative tasks.

February's updates from HubSpot underscore the platform's commitment to providing powerful, integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and service teams. By leveraging these new features, businesses can drive greater efficiency, insight, and personalization across their operations, ultimately enhancing their bottom line and customer relationships. Whether you're looking to refine your marketing strategies, streamline sales processes, or elevate customer service, HubSpot's latest enhancements offer the tools you need to succeed.

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