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Jake Fisher is co-founder of BridgeRev, a revenue growth agency. Before co-founding BridgeRev, he worked in media sales and sales management.

Jake specializes in lead generation for B2B, high-end B2C, education and tech. His recent big win? Jake transformed his sales process and tripled his outside sales performance in 6 months.


Talk Topics

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing takes inbound one step further, combining outbound strategies such as digital advertising with inbound strategies. Why go digital? There are two reasons: longer reach and improved ROI. Jake and the BridgeRev team recognize that digital marketing uses the best of a variety of strategies, including content marketing, SEO, marketing automation, and more. Your audience can learn from Jake’s experiences on the front lines of digital marketing.

Inbound Sales

Jake left a career in media sales management for local Spanish language TV and radio outlets to found BridgeRev Strategies with his partner, Ashley Quintana. Jake’s experience in sales and his passion for inbound marketing work together to create a truly powerful message about inbound sales. Utilizing a combination of inbound marketing and inbound sales tactics, BridgeRev grew their revenue more than 700% over the course of a year. Jake’s inbound sales expertise will provide your audience with valuable insight into developing a sales strategy that will guide them to success.

Hispanic Marketing

With over 54 million Hispanics in the United States today, you’d be remiss if you didn’t make an effort to market to them. Jake’s experience as a media sales manager for Spanish language TV and radio fueled his passion for marketing to Hispanic audiences.  His understanding of the Hispanic community and his experience creating sales and marketing strategies that will appeal to a Spanish-speaking market make him an invaluable resource for those seeking to infiltrate the Hispanic market.

Why book Jake Fisher for your next event?

Jake has given talks & conferences for both community and private organizations.

Jake’s experience in sales and his passion for inbound marketing work together to create a truly powerful message about inbound sales.

With a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, comedy & improv, the content will be equally valuable and entertaining. 

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“Jake and his team put together compelling and inspirational presentations that are so full of free knowledge and ideas that are only comparable to advice that consultants/agencies would charge thousands of dollars to a client for. I’ve never left one of their presentations with less than a handful of new strategies and concepts to try. I guarantee you’ll never be upset or feel like you lost time in your life that you can’t get back by going to a BridgeRev presentation.”

Sean Rose | Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma

Are you ready to bring a dynamic speaker with valuable insight on full funnel revenue generation encompassing marketing and sales with a focus on nontraditional markets to your event?


Let's talk about booking Jake Fisher for your next event.