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Book a speaker for your next event, conference, HubSpot User Group, trade show, or lunch and learn to educate, inspire, and entertain. We’re a well-rounded bunch who can talk about a wide range of topics, including strategy, sales, business development, SEO, marketing, writing, creative operations, PR, culture, and diversity.

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Jake Fisher

Sales, Business Development, SEO, Marketing, Writing

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Meg McElhaney

Creative Operations, Marketing,
PR, Branding

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Ashley Quintana

Marketing, Diversity,
Culture, Strategy

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Jake and his team put together compelling and inspirational presentations that are so full of free knowledge and ideas that are only comparable to advice that consultants/agencies would charge thousands of dollars to a client for. I’ve never left one of their presentations with less than a handful of new strategies and concepts to try. I guarantee you’ll never be upset or feel like you lost time in your life that you can’t get back by going to a BridgeRev presentation.”

Sean Rose Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma

Why book BridgeRev for your next event?

We measure success the way you do: by the bottom line.

Our approach is radically different.

The team at BridgeRev specializes in B2B partnerships that result in dramatic growth and transformation. 

With strategy embedded in every step of our process, we offer leadership, direction and advice that go beyond the scope of sales or marketing. By harnessing data, we help you make informed decisions.

We're in the trenches with you and offer practical advice to maximize your ROI.


Are you ready to bring a dynamic speaker with valuable insight on full funnel revenue generation encompassing marketing and sales with a focus on nontraditional markets to your event?


Let's talk about booking a BridgeRev speaker for your next event.