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Bridges manages your social media accounts across multiple platforms to ensure you reach the right people at the right time with shareable, engaging content. For millions of people, social media is where they share their thoughts, chat with friends, and find the latest news. With good social media management, you can be a part of their everyday life online. And the team at Bridges is are composed of the best social media consultants Oklahoma City can offer.

Why social media management?

Online marketing takes more than understanding common search terms. Social media management involves creating and implementing a schedule of posts using a variety of content such as links, graphics, videos, text, and social media ads in order to engage customers and the public, as well as to reinforce your brand on digital platforms.

It also encompasses keeping an eye out for social media mentions of your business or product across social media platforms and responding to both positive and negative reviews in a way that leaves people with a strong impression of your business. Online reputations are important, and you have an opportunity to shape yours directly. 

Above all, social media management is about representing your brand in the social spaces where people congregate online.

Go where the people are. 

11 people start using social media every second, which is about 1 million new users every day. Many of them will join the more than 3 billion regular social media users around the world. Why wouldn’t you meet prospective clients where they’re already gathered?

Let your fans spread the news. 

The most retweeted tweet of all time (shared by over 3,000,000 people worldwide) wasn’t about a celebrity — it was an ordinary person’s response to a brand’s social media team. There are people who are enthusiastic about what you have to offer. Give them a platform to share it.

We can help you manage your social media networks.



Still the biggest social network around, Facebook is the social media home for over a billion people. While 18-34 year olds still make up the majority of Facebook users, the 65+ crowd is the fastest growing demographic, with a growth rate of 15%. Facebook continues to develop new tools to help businesses engage more directly with their fans through posting quality content.


Visually engaging, Instagram boasts more than 800 million people who use it each month, with a younger demographic and a vibrant artistic community. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business on the platform, where high-quality branded content is seen as an asset, not a distraction. Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of specialized landing pages to help drive Instagram followers to their sites using platform-specific content.


Twitter is the place to be for real-time updates and trending topics, with over 330 million active monthly users. Twitter is not only a go-to source for people seeking customer service, it’s a platform where brands themselves can become celebrities with the right combination of interesting and timely engagement.


If you want more traffic to your website, YouTube is one of the best ways to get it. YouTube beats Facebook's traffic and is the second most popular website on the Internet. It’s also a versatile platform for advertisement campaigns, with potential for paid advertising opportunities as well as influencer marketing and highlighting customer experiences. Video is a powerful tool, and YouTube is the best place to use it.


Often called the anti-social, social media platform, Pinterest is ideal for building inspiration for your product. It’s perfect for hosting graphic design-oriented marketing campaigns and attracting the attention of people working in design or other visual areas. If your target audience includes artists, designers, or craftspeople, then Pinterest is an essential platform.


Aimed at connecting professionals and offering a career-oriented experience, LinkedIn is an important platform for hiring, recruiting, and networking. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, LinkedIn is not a platform where users share personal thoughts, but rather information about the work they do. B2B companies on LinkedIn can find organic reach more easily than other platforms, making it an excellent platform for brand building, networking, recruiting, and highlighting company culture.

We know good B2B social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. An excellentdigital marketing agency can diversify and pinpoint digital strategies for clients in a range of industries. At Bridges this is exactly what we do.


Financial Services

The financial industry has been one of the most adaptive industries to the rise of digital media. And with a great deal of demand for financial services that improve on legacy options, financial service providers are able to benefit from extensive use of social media advertising as part of their digital marketing strategy.


No industry grows faster or changes more than technology. Tech start-ups need a marketing company that can create social media campaigns that are geared toward what they do and the end users they need to reach. With web design, search engine optimization, and other marketing services specially tailored for tech companies, we help you succeed in this challenging industry.


Software providers for enterprise-level clients must sell complex products and services to large organizations. Nothing about that process is simple. That’s why this industry needs digital marketing specialists who can work with complexity to increase brand awareness and ensure that your clients are able to find you.


Social media marketing for accounting firms connects you with people who need everyday help with taxes, payroll services, and more. In an industry where the relationship between clients and service providers is so close and detailed, it’s especially important that your online presence draws the right people to you.

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