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Reputation Management

Good reputation management is about building a great online reputation, knowing how to respond to criticisms of your company that come up from time to time, and keeping your first-page search engine results positive and informative, rather than critical.

Why reputation management?

Reputation management isn’t just about monitoring comments on your social media page and hoping for good reviews. Reputation management takes experience, knowledge, and skill. Should you respond to a negative comment? If so, what should you say and when should you say it? Should you ever delete comments?

Every company gets positive and negative feedback, but poor reputation management can turn those inevitable criticisms into an avalanche of angry comments, negative press, and ugly search results. Knowing how to keep your first page of search engine results looking great despite the occasional complaint is what a good reputation manager can do for you.

Review Monitoring

Review monitoring is the process of maintaining constant awareness of reviews that are posted online about your company or brand, no matter where those reviews appear. We develop a strategy to ensure that the first page of search results for your company reflect all the things you’re doing well.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring requires up-to-date awareness of social media platforms, including the ones your company doesn’t even use. We monitor comments, likes, hashtags, shares, and posts for positive and negative commentary. Once we are aware of a negative comment, we can evaluate it for the proper response, whether that is ignoring it, responding to it, or, in extreme situations, deleting it.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is about more than just having the right keywords. Using SEO practices to build your online reputation requires you to create relevant, worthwhile content that your followers want to like, comment on, and share. SEO content, your social media presence, and reputation management work together to get you the right kind of traffic you need to sell your products or services.

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