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Lead Nurturing Strategy

When you use a great lead nurturing strategy, you capture the attention of potential clients and take them from the earliest stages of consideration to the final steps of making a purchase.

Why lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the best way to introduce potential clients to your products and services in a way that feels authentic and meaningful instead of feeling like a traditional sales pitch. It’s a method that unifies your marketing and sales strategies to effectively find, respond to, and nurture meaningful leads.

Failure to incorporate a lead nurturing strategy could result in your competitors who do have one capturing larger portions of the market; implementing an effective lead marketing strategy will allow you to get— and stay— ahead of your peers in the industry.

It keeps you top of mind.

A lead nurturing strategy enables your company to get your information in front of the right potential customers. When you meet your customers where they are, you’re more likely to capture— and keep— their attention

It helps you communicate the details.

A great lead nurturing strategy allow you to communicate effectively with leads, identify the best way to respond to each potential customer, and follow up with people in a way that finalizes sales or creates additional revenue.

How do you develop a lead nurturing strategy?

Align your teams.

Marketing and Sales departments must consciously decide to collaborate on the tools and strategies the company will use to evaluate and respond to leads. Instead of functioning in two different spheres, a service level agreement will help everyone working in each department to align their goals and day-to-day tasks.

Focus on your personas.

Next, focus on persona development. Persona development is all about determining the persona of potential customers, from those most likely to purchase your product or service to those least likely. We create a persona evaluation tool that you can use to anticipate customer needs, objections, questions, and concerns.

Define your content.

When was the last time you completed a content audit & channel mapping? We carry out a complete audit of your existing content to determine what needs to be updated, added, eliminated, or changed. Channel mapping allows us to get a complete picture of your brand’s value to your customers, which we can then use to improve each aspect of your lead nurturing strategy.

Spend your time on continuous improvement.

Lead nurturing is never static! We develop an outline and support plan for the next steps in your lead nurturing plan. Continuously improving your marketing and sales cooperation, your lead generation and evaluation processes, and your SEO-driven content will continue to increase revenue.

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