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How BridgeRev Migrated a B2B Supplier from Salesforce to HubSpot in 60 Days






Custom Development
Custom Workflows
Data Cleanup


About Our Client

The client is a B2B supplier with a storied history in the local community. They work with not just vendors and direct sales to customers, but distributors as well.

This client’s desire to provide incredible customer care while creating more operational efficiencies lead them to work with BridgeRev. 

Assessing Our Client’s Challenges

Two major problems faced the client as they looked at how their organization functioned. 

The first stemmed from product lead times and supply chain issues. The client faced a completely booked production line for several quarters ahead. While this was great for guaranteeing future revenue, it also meant that they couldn’t accept any new orders or improve lead flow.

Additionally, due to disparate technological systems, the client’s sales and leadership team found it difficult to forecast and anticipate when they would have room on their production line. 

How the client’s Salesforce was implemented and utilized made that situation even more challenging.  The client had a ten-year-old set-up in their Salesforce that was no longer reflective of their current sales and production process. Additionally, team members were using different task management and data entry tools to track the sales and production process, making no singular source of truth for sales, service, or support. 

After working with BridgeRev on digital marketing and website maintenance, leadership thought it would be valuable to expand their current HubSpot usage. After implementing Marketing Hub Pro, they decided to expand into the entire HubSpot Ecosystem, including Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub. 

Their goal was to migrate completely out of Salesforce and the disparate desynchronized and siloed systems into HubSpot for all sales, service and support tasks.  


After performing a detailed scoping and discovery phase, BridgeRev worked with the client to implement the following solutions within 60 days.

Developed a custom object for product requests to improve processes throughout the sales cycle. 

After the client receives an RFI and agrees to do business with the customer, the product team begins developing mockups of their product. BridgeRev created a custom object to track these within HubSpot. 

Originally, this product request process was done via emails and Teams messages. Thanks to the custom object, all product requests are managed through HubSpot, notifying the team when the request is ready to be worked on, and alerting sales when the mockup was ready to go through the next phase of the process.

Leveraging HubSpot’s e-signature function for product mockup approval via a custom object. 

Using HubSpot’s native sales quote functionality, BridgeRev development team created a tool that allowed for the sharing and sign-off on product design. This was mapped to the mockup request custom object. This functionality is only available via custom development.

Using a series of workflows, this would then notify the sales and product teams that the mockup  was approved and signed and that production could proceed.

Created a custom object for trade show tracking and automation management.

The client was having difficulty with a fully manual pre- and post-tradeshow management process. Because of this, BridgeRev created a custom object for tracking the sale team’s tradeshow events. This custom object serves primarily as project management with automated sales and marketing team reminders. 

Each tradeshow is an object which has information about where the show is, how to register if the team has paid and where they need to ship their booth. BridgeRev built automatic reminders for the sales team based on the custom object on that object, reminding them to ship the booth, pay the invoice and more. Once the sales team has logged that they were fully ready to go and attend the tradeshow, that same object populates a dynamic page on the website. It was as easy as clicking a checkbox. 

After the team returns from the trade show and uploads their attendees or visitor list, upon associating that list with the custom trade show object, the automation enrolls them in a sales sequence.

Created dashboards to track custom objects with different visibility levels.  

BridgeRev developed dashboards to track the mockup requests more effectively, with additional separate views for the team supervisors. This allowed team members to see their workloads at a glance and for the product team lead to make proactive decisions. 

Additionally, the BridgeRev team created dashboards for the sales and executive leadership team to track sales and the client’s products.

Customized sales pipelines with tailored approval workflows not native to HubSpot.

 BridgeRev developed custom workflows that, when a Closed Won stage was triggered in the sales pipeline, would create tasks automatically. Changing the status of a custom object on the deal record would route the tasks to the next step of the process in one of two pipelines. 

As this used to be handled manually via salespeople sending notifications of closed deals via email, this caused a massive uptick in the capacity to handle new business. 

The Solutions

  • Developed a custom object for product requests to improve processes throughout the sales cycle.
  • Leveraging HubSpot’s e-signature function for product mockup approval via a custom object.
  • Created a custom object for trade show tracking and automation management.
  • Created dashboards to track custom objects with different visibility levels.
  • Customized sales pipelines with tailored approval workflows not native to HubSpot.

Wrote HubSpot playbook and in-depth documentation. 

The BridgeRev team wrote a 40-page implementation playbook. As the client’s leadership team expressed, one of their challenges was onboarding new team members; now, they have a thorough guide to consult whenever someone joins the team. 

This documentation explains the processes, stage triggers, personas, custom fields, and portal management best practices. Now the client can hire new members with confidence, knowing that their process would be digestible and easy to explain.

Short and Long-Term Results

The primary result of this partnership is the client could fully transition out of its Salesforce into HubSpot’s robust ecosystem within 60 days. Additionally, here are additional wins in the BridgeRev’s relationship with the client: 

Built the foundation of Revenue Operations

Success through just one meeting a week. 
BridgeRev never passed along the time required to succeed at the implementation to the client. Throughout the relationship, the weekly time commitment was minimal — needing just two four-hour meetings and one additional 45-minute meeting per week throughout the engagement. 

The client has used their HubSpot portal for several months and has experienced greater insight into their processes and systems.

Understand production request capacity. 

Before the implementation of this system, there was no real insight into the level of capacity each member of the product team had. As a result of the implementation, the team lead could know how many requests each team member was assigned to and where they were in the system.

Additionally, they could gain insights into the source of mockup requests, as those requests had different approval workflows.

Gained insight into their entire sales process.

Instead of being kept in separate, siloed tech systems, the entire team could see where their traffic, contacts, and leads were coming from. They were able to gain insight into how long a contact would take to become a customer, as well as know proper lead attribution. 

As their Salesforce configuration was woefully out-of-date, this upgrade into HubSpot gave them the perfect visibility into their sales cycle and the data they needed to improve. 

BridgeRev Can Help You Migrate from Salesforce

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