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Our Story &
Our Mission


We work with ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders in the B2B and big-ticket B2C space.  

We work best with:

* Companies with aggressive growth goals that aspire to disrupt their market with a business insurgency  

* Legacy businesses that are committed to dramatic transformation (usually because they find themselves conceding market share to more agile competitors) 

We offer leadership, direction, and advice that goes beyond the scope of a normal marketing company.  We help you make informed decisions.

At Bridges, we’re in it with you, and offer practical advice based on our experience, the available data, and what we learn about you and your company, working with you to maximize your ROI.

You’ll probably notice that Bridges does things differently. 

<h2>Bridges by the Numbers</h2>

Bridges by the Numbers

Founded in 2012 by partners Ashley Quintana & Jake Fisher. Ashley and Jake recognized large opportunities in the marketing space to bridge the gap between client companies and under-served modern buyers.

Our team represents five countries and four languages. While we work primarily in the English-speaking market, we also serve businesses in Latin America and the US Latino community. 

We are regularly recognized as an innovative B2B & big-ticket B2C digital marketing firm, including recognition as a Top Digital Agency in the United States by Clutch.co.

Our team has served 569 volunteer hours in 2019 working with community non-profits, and citizen oversight organizations faith-based organizations. 

1 five-time Sequence champion on staff (strategy isn’t just for marketing).

We care about...

The same things you care about. In 2019, we spent 569 volunteer hours working with faith-based organizations, children, and animals.


Responsibility & Ethics

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, always considering how our actions impact our clients, team members, and neighbors, near and far. 

We are proud to be a member of organizations such as WageUp, whose members are dedicated to paying a living wage to all of our full-time employees, even those at the entry-level. 

Our commitment to responsibility and ethics also includes policies which make it easy for our employees to contribute to their own communities, neighborhoods, and churches--offering paid time-off for volunteering and service. 

Civic engagement should be easy too. That's why Federal Election Day is a paid holiday for all of our employees. 

Diversity & Resilience

Bridges was born out of the principles of diversity and resilience, as evidenced by the founders' individual backgrounds.

Ashley is a proud Latina, the oldest sibling of an immigrant family. She put herself through college, ultimately earning a bachelors degree and masters degree in just five years. She co-founded Bridges when she was just 23 years old. 

Jake experienced a transient childhood, living in six households before graduating high school and ultimately going to college. He went on to become a top-rated radio personality, bilingual B2B sales leader, and search engine optimization expert. 

Both share the resilience of facing adversity at a young age. They also share the passionate belief that Bridges is strongest when our team has diversity of background, expertise, and lived experience from which to draw in building strategies for our clients.  

Tech & Innovation

Go ahead, call us geeks or nerds. We are. And, we’re proud of that. We’re always ready to jump on new technology and ideas to learn if it works for you and for us.

We’re early adopters and strategic adapters. 

The world is moving faster than it ever has. Technology increasingly puts more control of the sales process in the hands of big-ticket buyers. It's critical to stay on top of these developments for long-term business success. 

Our Back Story

We didn't start Bridges as a digital marketing firm. We stumbled upon it by happenstance.

When Bridges was founded in 2012, we envisioned a multicultural marketing and communication firm. Our first year in business taught us that we needed to beef up our own marketing and sales efforts. That’s how we found the inbound marketing methodology and the HubSpot software platform.

So Ashley and Jake put their heads together and wrote an eleven-page ebook called Three Fatal but Common Hispanic Marketing Mistakes. This was our very first inbound marketing offer.

That simple ebook generated more than 100 leads for us and drove our new client growth for the rest of the year! 

In late 2014, we  began transitioning our business to deliver to our clients the same inbound marketing success we built for ourselves.

Now we deliver millions of dollars of new business to our clients in traditional professions like law, insurance, and accounting as well as tech companies, software, the technical trades, and clients that serve Spanish-speaking customers.

Since 2018, Bridges bas been recognized as top digital firm in the United States, by Clutch.co and UpCity.com for positive client reviews and experience.

In 2019, DesignRush.com recognized Bridges as a top digital marketing agency. 



What's It Really Like at Bridges?

People are important. After all, that’s who you’re selling to and who we all work with. So we search for the best and the brightest and we like to treat them well; with respect, growth opportunities, great company benefits, and some nice perks.

Our agency goals and customer goals go hand-in-hand. For our employees, we want to be the company you work for when you don’t really want to work anymore. We want to work for and with people who love what they do and share our values, including about family. 

There are a lot of days where either business or family has to win; we want our employees to feel we’re the company they’re glad to work for that day. Because you get to work with great, understanding people who respect and share your priorities.


Quality Coffee (for free)

Great on Monday mornings and after a big lunch.


Free Snacks

For that afternoon slump.


Flexible schedule for work play & volunteering

So we can get those 100s of volunteer hours in.


Work only with Kind People

We’ve fired clients for being mean. Of course, all our employees are sweet as pie.


Monthly team lunches on the house

Everyone that can comes into the office that day for a fun community event.


Access to educational resources and continuing training

The more we know, the better we are.


Casual, tech-forward environment

Casual environments boost productivity.


Craft Beers on Tap

For after-hours chilling with coworkers. If you’re one of those nice clients, grab a glass!


Remote work days

It’s great to work without distractions. In pajamas. With the dog or cat on your lap.


Really good company-paid health, vision & dental insurance

Because a free lunch doesn’t cure your kid’s ear ache.

Looking Forward

We have no interest in growing just for the sake of growing, or of making some “top 25 agencies” list, although you notice that we won Clutch.co’s award anyway. Just by being us.

We grow intentionally, by helping people and companies who need it. And we hire intentionally. You won’t see a bunch of layoffs at Bridges. When we hire, we offer people stability, good pay and good benefits.

It should always be a win-win.


Get to know the way we work.


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