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How Bridges Replatformed Career Tech Institution to HubSpot Enterprise Suite in 40 Days



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About Our Client

The client is a B2B supplier with a storied Metro Technology Centers (Metro Tech) is a career and technology training center and part of the Oklahoma career tech system. In Oklahoma, 29 centers provide career and technology education (CTE). 

The client’s prospective and current audiences are high school and adult learners. High school students can receive concurrent high school and college credits that satisfy their graduation requirements through Metro Tech. These courses can potentially yield a trade certificate or license upon graduation. 

Adult learners of all ages can take long and short-term career development courses that also yield trade certifications. This allows high school and adult learners other avenues beyond the typical two- and four-year college degree.

There were many moving pieces the Metro Tech team dealt with on an ongoing basis. While leadership explored different CRM solutions to help them better manage their data, they contacted BridgeRev for insight into their systems and processes. 

Assessing Our Client’s Challenges

After an extensive scoping process pre-sale and an in-depth discovery with Metro Tech leadership before the deal closed, BridgeRev found the core problem with Metro Tech’s current tech stack was the lack of a single source of truth for all of the data sources in their organization. While they had an active subscription to Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics didn’t adequately meet the organization's needs in terms of functionality. 

Additionally, Metro Tech had no insight into student enrollment metrics, KPIs and employee activities. This prevented them from making decisions based on data, not guesswork. 

On top of the technical challenges facing Metro Tech, the organization needed to get a new application system live and functional by the start of the next student application period on October 1st. 


  • Ineffective Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration
  • Siloed data across an unintegrated suite of software and technology solutions
  • Outdated and incomplete data throughout their databases
  • No ability to visualize or track real-time metrics for customer journeys or student enrollment pipelines
  • Lack of functional reporting capabilities due to siloed data

Defining Our Client’s Objectives

During the pre-sale scoping process, the BridgeRev team decided it would be best to migrate Metro Tech’s organization from Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot. During the in-depth technical scoping, BridgeRev and the Metro Tech team decided together that implementing the full HubSpot suite at the Enterprise level was the best choice. 

Together with the Metro Tech leadership team and department leads, the BridgeRev HubSpot Implementation team worked to document Metro Tech’s processes fully. During this phase, BridgeRev defined specific objectives and goals that would ensure a successful implementation while solving the organizational issues that BridgeRev identified during discovery.  

In addition to the problems described previously that the BridgeRev team was tasked with solving, the Metro Tech team also wanted to fully migrate out of their current Dynamics setup before their contract was renewed and to use HubSpot to manage the intake of student applications for the upcoming school year. 

That only gave the BridgeRev team 40 days to migrate Metro Tech’s entire system from Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot and train their staff on how to use it before the new application period opened on October 1st. 


  • Migrate organization’s data from Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot in 40 days
  • Implement the entire HubSpot CRM Enterprise Suite
  • Import and clean data
  • Work with Metro Tech team to optimize existing processes and develop new ones
  • Rebuild student application on HubSpot to utilize these processes
  • Support leadership in change management by training staff on how to use a new system

The Solutions

BridgeRev mapped out, and architected Metro Tech’s Dynamics infrastructure for a successful re-platforming. They captured and understood the wishlist of what Metro Tech would like to do but lacked the capability within their current CRM.

BridgeRev successfully executed the implementation of HubSpot for Metro Tech, streamlining and enhancing their existing processes. 

Due to the functionality the HubSpot Enterprise suite provides, implementation alone would solve many of the issues regarding dirty and siloed data, lack of reporting, and pipeline management issues. 

Cleaned and migrated data by leveraging Operations Hub Enterprise.
Converted manual spreadsheets into a user-friendly HubDB solution that allowed end-users to modify without developer assistance.
Created automation and workflows for student applications based on custom objects and properties to facilitate Metro Tech’s processes better.
Rebuilt a more user-friendly student application using HubL and Javascript to create an interactive single-page application using HubSpot’s CMS as the backend.
Utilized multiple APIs in rebuilt applications to reduce data storage and improve data consistency.
Ensured user adoption and assisted with change management by creating tailored training.
Intentionally siloed sensitive data by creating extensive permissioning.

Short and Long-Term Results 

The BridgeRev and Metro Tech partnership profoundly impacted the client’s short and long-term business outcomes.

The first notable outcome was increased prospective student applications over three months.

Increased applications by 36.5% Compared to Last Year’s Application Window
Processed 2,519 applications
Anecdotally, the client reported that Career Advisors received fewer calls and emails from students struggling with the application.

Additionally, due to the increased efficiencies in the application process, Metro Tech saw a drastic increase in ROI stemming from Marketing and Sales Hub Enterprise implementation.

One reason Metro Tech had an increase in revenue opportunities from the HubSpot implementation is an increased insight into their students' demographics. Before the implementation of HubSpot, they had no full understanding of the demographic characteristics of their students. Metro Tech was ineligible to apply for additional federal funding and grants. 

Now, using the reporting tools provided by the HubSpot Enterprise suite, the Metro Tech team can receive more funding for serving students of specific demographic characteristics. 

This ROI is provided by HubSpot’s ROI Calculator tools which consider global customer data aggregates.
Estimated ROI for Marketing Hub - $92,821,179
Estimated ROI for Sales Hub - $2,259,094

Future Efforts

The BridgeRev and Metro Tech partnership has continued into additional projects. The next opportunity will be creating course enrollment functionality via HubSpot’s e-commerce solution. 

Following that, a fully self-service student portal where students can access all their administrative non-learning related school information.
Additionally, the Metro Tech team will build out a workflow of tailored emails to prospective students in the future. This will attempt to simplify the tasks of the Career Advisor team to automatically enroll students in email sequences based on the custom object associated with their application. 

Each workflow has a tailored cadence of emails to send to prospects. Before the rollout of this functionality, Career Advisors email prospects reminders or updates manually. After implementation, these students would automatically enroll in email sequences off their custom object.  Developing automated workflows and reminder emails would allow advisors more time to spend on meaningful student-related activities instead of manual processes. 

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