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Case Study

How Lean In Seamlessly Migrated From Active Campaign To HubSpot.

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Lean In


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HubSpot Implementation

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Founded by Sheryl Sandberg, former COO of Meta, Lean In is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and girls through advocacy for better public policies and programs combating bias in the workplace. 

The Challenge:

With 30 CRM users, 250k contacts, and 40+ employees, Lean In was facing two distinct challenges:

  • Siloed Systems: The sales department operated using spreadsheets, hindering visibility across departments. The decision to transition to HubSpot was aimed at creating a unified platform for better reporting and tools.

  • Data Cleanliness: Both sales and marketing teams used spreadsheets, limiting their ability to track changes accurately. The marketing team, which utilized Active Campaign for three years, faced the additional challenge of migrating to HubSpot without downtime.

These two challenges made it increasingly difficult for the teams at Lean In to work cross-functionally, to generate accurate and reliable reports on program and community engagement, and most importantly, it made it difficult to interact with community members in a strategic way.

The Solution:

BridgeRev identified potential data cleanliness issues early and devised a comprehensive solution for Lean In:

  • Active Campaign Tags to HubSpot Custom Fields: To preserve data continuity, Active Campaign tags were converted into HubSpot Custom Fields. This involved reformatting data in CSVs and seamless importation into HubSpot.
  • Sales Team Collaboration: Individual reps were engaged to understand their contact and active conversion tracking methods. A collaborative approach resulted in a template import file. Each file was meticulously reviewed, formatted, and imported, ensuring data integrity.

  • Marketing Team Migration: The marketing team's data from Active Campaign was exported. BridgeRev leveraged Google Sheets scripts for proper formatting and workflow cleaning. Throughout the process, Lean In was informed on how the transition would impact their processes.

The Build:

The BridgeRev team worked with Lean In to ensure a comprehensive adoption of the HubSpot platform. This included aligning marketing, programs, and service processes for a cohesive customer journey.

To accomplish this, the build was focused around the following: 

  • Marketing Hub: The migration and creation of 18 automations were instrumental in automating key marketing processes. The seamless transition of 115 emails to HubSpot underscored the importance of preserving critical communication channels, and the migration of four forms highlighted the role of maintaining interaction capabilities for sustained audience engagement.

  • Sales Hub: The introduction of the Conversations Inbox in the Sales Hub emphasized the pivotal role of effective communication in organizational success. Beyond mere communication facilitation, it served as a tool to enhance audience engagement, fostering stronger connections with Lean In's supporters.

  • Operations Hub: With an emphasis on data cleanliness, the creation of new data rules and workflows demonstrated the importance of preventing duplicates, decay, and formatting problems. This infrastructure streamlined Lean In's data management processes, illustrating the significance of well-organized data.

  • Reporting: Custom reporting and robust analytics enhanced Lean In's ability to measure effectiveness. The collaboration between BridgeRev and the Lean In team showcased the power of tailored reports in providing valuable insights. 

Why BridgeRev:

The alignment of marketing, sales, and service processes showcased how a unified approach transforms operations, providing a cohesive customer journey. Beyond addressing initial challenges, the adoption of HubSpot positioned Lean In for future success in their mission to empower women and combat bias, showcasing the long-term benefits of strategic technology adoption.

In collaboration with BridgeRev, Lean In not only successfully migrated but also embraced a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. The educational aspect of Lean In's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic collaboration and thoughtful implementation in achieving organizational excellence.

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