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Homebuilding Company Doubles Revenue from Optimizing Existing Web Content


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Finally... not only a marketing company that believes in results (viable lead generation as opposed to “branding”, “engagement”, or “followers”). They’re creative, hard-working, smart, and are always several steps ahead of me, working behind the scenes to drive more and better leads each month.  And they’re master HubSpot manipulators. I don’t really want to share them, but if you’re looking for that elusive inbound marketing partner who “gets it” and won’t blow sunshine up your dress, BridgeRev is the one.

Tim Turner | Turner & Son Homes

Executive Summary

Turner & Son is an Oklahoma home builder specializing in building custom homes on land already owned by their clients. 

Before working with BridgeRev, their team had already adopted inbound marketing methods. However, their strategy was not optimized effectively, filling up their inboxes with hundreds of out of territory leads. After assessing their existing marketing efforts, BridgeRev created a strategy to bring Turner & Son more leads and customers within their service area. 

Here's how Turner & Son was able to increase qualified leads and close more sales after BridgeRev optimized their site for SEO and geographically-limited content.


About Turner & Son

Turner & Son is a regional home building company headquartered in Oklahoma. They specialize in creating custom homes built on land already owned by their clients, limiting the business’s service area. 

Before working with BridgeRev, the owner and CEO of Turner & Son Homes, Tim Turner had already made good headway with inbound methodologies on his own. He and his team had developed buyer personas and made strong blog and video content using the content cluster model. In fact, Tim and his team might’ve stopped there: when Turner & Son reached out to BridgeRev, some of their internally written blogs were beginning to go viral. The problem? That virality wasn’t turning into new customers — or even qualified leads. 

Assessing Turner & Son's Challenges

After evaluating the Turner & Son site traffic, BridgeRev found that most of this traffic was coming from just one blog post.

While this post was well-written, interesting, and comprehensive, it covered a subject that was only tangentially related to Turner & Son’s actual business.

Due to that blog post, most of the leads coming in were useless to the business. Plus, the shareable nature of that blog post also netted the homebuilding company to be inundated with leads outside of the Turner & Son service area.

While conducting the site audit, BridgeRev also found a host of SEO problems holding Turner & Son’s web presence back. With over 623 errors and 8,000 warnings, Turner & Son’s site was plagued with SEO issues.


  • Increase of organic search traffic not turning into new business
  • New leads were outside of builder's services area
  • Technical and On-Page SEO Problems
content rank

Defining Turner & Son's Objectives


  • Fix all SEO problems
  • Optimize the builder's digital marketing assets so that the content generates more qualified leads within the service area and attracts more qualified leads by focusing on content relevant to homebuilding

BridgeRev's research found technical SEO problems that prevented the site from ranking at the top of high-value and high-volume searches. Instead of writing TOFU (top of the funnel) content to attract visitors to the site, BridgeRev decided upon a more strategic approach of optimizing what was already on the site to convert qualified leads.  BridgeRev also added new, search engine optimized content that targeted a competitor’s client base.


BridgeRev fixed all the on-site and technical SEO problems while optimizing existing copy to rank for geographically limited areas.

Technical fixes included:

  • Broken internal links
  • Broken image links
  • Duplicate or missing title or metas

On-Page SEO Fixes included:

  • Adding appropriate HTML and CSS tags
  • Adding alt-image descriptions
  • Adding H tags and more structural elements

Immediate Results

Thanks to optimized copy and no technical SEO issues, the new website ranked high for homebuilding-related searches and converted leads almost immediately. Within the first year, Turner & Son had a massive spike in all KPIs, with an 180% increase in monthly website visits (from 5,000 - 14,000).

Top Positions

For over 135 search terms

Geographically qualified leads from organic traffic alone

Closed sales from qualified leads in the first year

Long-Term Results of the BridgeRev Turner & Son Partnership

Currently, Turner & Son website now ranks in the first page of Google for 414 search terms that drive qualified traffic. The traffic from those searches would cost an estimated $9,900 per month if purchased through paid search ads.

Overall, after working with BridgeRev for just three years, Turner & Son doubled their revenue using a combination of inbound and outbound methods.

rocket launching

Ready for your business to take off?

Working with BridgeRev means you’ll have a marketing partner not just for today or even this year — but for the long haul. BridgeRev can help you transform how you do business, providing you the support you and your team need. If you’re ready to not just crush next quarter’s goals but your five-year plan, we want to hear from you. 

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