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Case Study

RevOps Integration: Feed the Children's Path to Operational Efficiency with Bridge Rev

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Feed The Children


Non Profit


HubSpot Implementation

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Feed the Children is a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating child hunger. Founded on the belief that no child should go to bed hungry, the organization operates in the United States and eight countries around the world, delivering food, daily essentials, and disaster relief to those in need. Beyond simply providing immediate sustenance, Feed the Children also focuses on sustainable solutions that empower communities to break the cycle of poverty.

The Challenge:

Prior to engaging BridgeRev, Feed the Children operated with a large digital marketing team but lacked integration  across various tools and databases. This fragmentation made it difficult to generate and consolidate effective reports, hindering their ability to assess the impact of their marketing efforts and communicate value within the organization. Their use of multiple analytics platforms like Google Analytics added layers of complexity, resulting in inefficiencies and slowing down critical fundraising priorities.


Feed the Children's primary objectives revolved around streamlining their digital fundraising operations and improving integration between their online marketing efforts and their main CRM system. They aimed to establish a single source of truth for their digital data operations, enhance donor data syncing between systems, and automate processes to reduce manual entry and operational delays.

The Solution:

Bridge Rev and Feed the Children approached these challenges with a comprehensive strategy focusing on platform optimization and RevOps integration. Key interventions included:

  • Custom API Development: Feed the Children's IT team built a custom API with consultation and support from Bridge Rev, facilitating seamless integration between their main CRM and HubSpot.
  • Training and Best Practices: The entire digital marketing team was trained on HubSpot’s capabilities, emphasizing how to leverage the platform for better marketing and fundraising efforts.
  • Donor Journey Mapping: A critical part of the strategy was to help Feed the Children visualize and optimize the donor journey, applying commercial best practices to a nonprofit context to enhance donor engagement and retention.

Impact on Business Operations:

The solutions had a significant positive impact on Feed the Children's operations

  • Streamlined Processes: By reducing the number of systems in use and improving integration, Feed the Children was able to accelerate their operational processes and focus more effectively on fundraising.
  • Improved Reporting and Insights: Enhanced data integration allowed for better tracking and reporting of marketing and fundraising activities, enabling more informed decision-making.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automation of manual tasks freed up valuable resources, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative duties.


The collaboration between Feed the Children and Bridge Rev showcases the transformative potential of tailored RevOps strategies and platform optimization in the nonprofit sector. By aligning technical solutions with organizational goals, Feed the Children overcame significant operational challenges, leading to improved efficiency, better data utilization, and enhanced overall performance. This case study exemplifies how strategic integration and operational refinement can significantly benefit nonprofits, enabling them to focus more on their mission-critical objectives.

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