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INBOUND ‘23: Sales Hub Updates + New AI-Powered Tools


If we had to use a single word to describe this year’s updates we’d say impressive. 

While a lot of tech is incorporating AI into their systems on a high level, HubSpot has invested time and money into building a CRM and sales automation platform that’s leveraging AI while still keeping people and customers at the forefront–pretty impressive! 

Ready to get the scoop on what’s coming what was announced and what’s got us champing at the bit to test drive? Read on.

Major Sales Hub Updates

HubSpot has taken Generative AI (GenAI) and infused it into every aspect of the new Sales Hub and is powering productivity through relevance (more on that later).

Up until now, sales has been a game of “more is more” and between information overload and smarter buyers, it’s not getting the results that many organizations have relied on. Sales reps are spending more time on tasks and less time on building the relationships and connections that lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

With new tools, insights, and information thanks to GenAI,  Sales Hub is making it easier for your sales team to solve for your customers, craft relevant and meaningful messaging, and spend less time on tasks and outreach that aren’t helping your bottom line.

Here are the three biggest changes you’ll see in Sales Hub and why we’re excited about them:

Prospect Smarter

With the help of GenAI, your sales teams will be able to have more context and more relevant information that speeds up your conversion timeline as well as your overall sales cycles embedded right into HubSpot’s sales tools.

Why we like it: This means fewer awkward outreach emails, deeper connections, and more efficient problem-solving – a huge win for sales teams and prospects alike!

Accelerate Revenue

Deal management tools will help your sales teams close more deals and qualify leads faster and more consistently. With data and insights at their fingertips, your sales reps will be able to prioritize deals and leads with more accuracy than ever. 

Why we like it: Fewer information gaps when it comes to pipeline reports – with new data tools you’ll be able to create consistency in your process and with your data!

Scale Insightfully

There’s no more guessing if you’ll hit your revenue goals. Hubspot has integrated reporting and analytics tools that allow you to scale your team’s performance more accurately and effectively. Get clearer conversion intelligence and information about your customer’s voice that will show you competitive trends, identify process improvements, and even coaching opportunities to help your entire team grow together.

Why we like it: By identifying trends, coaching, and learning from your own customers you’ll be able to accelerate your capacity and improvements!

New Product Features Coming to Sales Hub

Now that we’ve reviewed the high-level changes, let’s dive into the details of what this looks like in the near future for Sales Hub! Here's what you can expect to see in a portal near you later this week:

  • Prospecting workspace (public beta): A new prospecting workspace that helps your sales team stay focused & on-task by giving them a single view of their work, tools & data all in one place.
  • Lead form scheduling (public beta): New conditional redirect rules within forms let you automatically qualify and route leads to the best sales rep.
  • Book meetings on behalf of others (live): Book meetings on behalf of others or simply round-robin your leads evenly across your team and give credit to the reps booking and hosting the meeting.
  • Sequences on mobile (live): Enroll, pause, or unenroll contacts in a sequence
  • Content assistant on mobile (public beta): Generate AI-powered sales emails on mobile.
  • Deal Tags: Organize your deals through colored labels and quick presets.
  • Touchpoints and activities (live): Keep your deals on track with a new sidebar summary of recent touchpoints and activities.

New Reporting & Analytics Updates for Sales Hub

The infusion of GenAI through the product means we'll be seeing some exciting updates to reporting, data views, and analytics throughout Sales Hub. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Smarter sequences: Sequences get a big upgrade with three highly-requested features including public betas of A /B testing, sequence step analytics, and sequence outcome reporting.
  • Pipeline & velocity metrics (live): Prioritize your deals with ease through contextual insights into the health of your pipeline and sales process.
  • Predictive forecast (private beta): Evaluate your manual forecast submission against a new AI-powered projection and take the necessary steps to beat your plan.
  • Accuracy tracking (public beta): Leverage your historical forecast data to track the accuracy and reliability of your forecast submissions over time.
  • Embedded insights (live): Stay on track with insights on how your forecast and pipeline are trending through the quarter
  • Lead contact rate report (live): Uncover how reps are engaging with your quality leads and why they convert.
  • Lead source report (live): See how your inbound, sales, or your product-qualified lead sources perform and contribute to high-value leads.
  • Deal funnel reporting (live): Measure how fast leads convert into revenue, identify bottlenecks in your sales process, and measure everything from lead quality, to cost per lead.
  • Deal journey analytics (live): Get a true reflection of the path from prospect to revenue and see where your deals are dropping off or skipping steps.

There you have it! Lots of new features to look forward to and even more data insights and analytics all powered by GenAI built right into the software.

In our opinion, these updates do a lot to position HubSpot as the leader in leveraging Generative AI in practical, useful ways that let us all be more efficient and customer-focused. 

If you're as excited as we are to explore the betas or want to enhance your sales automation tools with a Sales Hub upgrade or addition, we're here to help as your HubSpot partner. Book a time with us and get started.

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