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Using AI For Sales Enablement


Erin's AI Corner - Volume 1


Have we met yet? If not, I am Erin Wiggers, the Director of Technical Services at BridgeRev! One thing my team knows about me, is that I consider myself to be a bit of an AI junkie.  My aim is to make all of our lives easier by offloading mindless work to different AI assistants.  Join me in this new series as I share new and cool ways I am using AI to help the entire BridgeRev team and our clients! 

For this first post, I thought it would be cool to showcase how I used one of our sales AI assistants to help our Chief Revenue Office, Max Bevan to get constructive feedback on his recent sales calls. This assistant was able to intake the transcript from Max's call and run it against sales call best practices to help him improve his pitch. 

Here is the feedback it gave us: 

The assessment of his call can be summed up by calling it the "most concise textbook sales call" and is quite accurate based on the provided transcript. 

Here's a detailed breakdown aligning with Max's description:

  • Initial Greetings and Setting the Tone

    The call begins with casual greetings and small talk, establishing a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. This approach is essential in sales calls to build rapport and trust.
  • Confirmation of Client Status and Needs:

    Max quickly moves to confirm that Sam's company is a current HubSpot client and they are using the Pro suite with Sales Enterprise. This shows Max's preparedness and understanding of the client's existing setup, which is crucial for offering relevant solutions.

  • Client's Requirements and Scope Definition:

    Sam outlines his company's operations and needs. They are a startup in their third year, rapidly scaling, and involved in three main areas: education in electric vehicle (EV) development, selling conversion kits for vehicles, and running an R&D facility. This clear definition of their activities and needs makes it easier for Max to understand how they can be of service.

  • Diverse Customer Profiles and Requirements:

    Sam explains that they deal with a wide range of customer profiles, from DIY individuals to low volume manufacturers and municipalities. This information is vital for Max to tailor HubSpot's solutions to cater to diverse customer management and engagement needs.

  • Partnership and Business-to-Business Engagements: 

    Sam discusses their partnerships with manufacturers for testing vehicles and new technologies. This aspect opens avenues for Max to consider advanced HubSpot features that could support B2B relationships and project management.

  • Relatable and Light-Hearted Interaction: 

    The conversation includes light-hearted exchanges about beards, creating a relaxed environment. This approach is often effective in sales calls to make clients more receptive and comfortable.

  • Clear Next Steps and Additional Resources: 

    Max and Sam discuss the next steps, including Sam sending over a recording of the meeting. This indicates a well-structured and forward-moving conversation, essential for successful sales engagements.

  • Efficient Use of Time and Focused Conversation:

    Throughout the call, both parties stay on topic, efficiently using the time to cover all relevant points. This efficiency is a hallmark of a well-conducted sales call.

In summary, Max's call with (potential client name) is a model sales interaction: it starts with building rapport, swiftly moves to understanding the client's needs, covers the scope of potential services, engages in a friendly manner, and concludes with clear next steps. This aligns well with Max's description of the call as a concise and textbook example of a sales interaction.

How cool is this - getting unbiased and best practice based feedback for your sales reps. If you’re interested in learning more about Erin’s practical AI discoveries, stay tuned!

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