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Strategic Partnerships for the Long Term Transformation




• You’ve defined your goals and your budget. If you haven't defined your goals and/or budget then an Exploratory Project might be the right choice for you.

• You have an in-house marketing department, but need digital marketing expertise

• You have no marketing department and need a complete digital  marketing solution

You’re collaborative and take a teamwork approach

• You trust us and our expertise

• You’re flexible and able to make quick decisions when an opportunity arises

We’re not just your agency. We’re your partner. Our holistic approach can inform other parts of your business; we can tell you about upcoming trends or something else it’s important to pay attention to.

Your Ambitious Goals + Our Holistic Digital Marketing Strategies = 🔥

You have business goals. Hopefully, they are ambitious.

We build holistic digital marketing strategies for B2B and big-ticket B2C for businesses with ambitious business goals.

Our strategies begin at the goal and then work backward. One critical first step is the development of buyer personas, which are semi-fictional representations of your current and/or ideal new clients/customers. We analyze and assess your current assets. We also do a deep dive into the competitive landscape in search of insights and potential opportunities.

Based on that data, we build and execute powerful strategies that include regular iterations and optimizations based on the ongoing feedback of new data.

The end result is a digital marketing machine that generates a reliable flow of qualified leads for your sales department to close.


Our engagements are normally 12-months in length. This ensures that we are with you every step of the way, to optimize and maximize performance, and to serve as a counselor in issues regarding digital marketing and how it plays a role in meeting your larger business goals. 











Our Process

We have a distinct, time-proven, and award-winning 4-step process we apply to each of our client’s work.

We begin with strategy.

We start with your goal, and then we work backward to plan how we’ll meet it.

This could include:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Inbound marketing

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Multicultural / bilingual marketing strategy

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Account-based marketing strategy

  • Data analysis & Monitoring


We develop engaging and converting content assets.


We start with your current and ideal customers, developing, buyer personas, a semi-fictional representations of those customers and prospects.

Then, we launch into an investigation on how these buyer personas make the purchasing decision.

  • What questions do they ask?
  • Where do they find information?
  • How do they like to learn? Reading? Video? Audio?

We work backward to strategize, develop, and produce content assets that draw your potential customers to you. 

That content can take the form of:

  • Blog posts

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Interactive content such as automated assessments and calculators
  • Comprehensive written content such as ebooks
  • White papers and case studies

We plan a targeted delivery.

We start by combining the goal and the persona, and then work to build targeted social campaigns, organic and paid media to get the content in front of the right prospects through:

  • Social media

  • Paid search

  • Paid display

  • Other digital advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Native advertising
  • Chatbots 


It’s all about the results.


Your eye is on your bottom line, and so is ours.

We define success using at least one of the following metrics:

  • New revenue

  • New customers
  • Qualified leads

All other metrics, such as engagement and web traffic are informational in nature, but they don't define ultimate success. 

How We're Different

We’re data driven. And we start with a persona for everything.

In fact, we rank on the first page of Google for persona-based marketing. It’s not complicated – if you really know your customer, it’s easy to talk to them. If you don’t know them, we’ll arrange an introduction.


Radical transparency.

With Bridges, you have access to all of your files, etc., 24/7. You have a neutral email account not associated with us, you get updates in real time on Google Drive and we all look at the same data.

Bottom line accountability.

If your marketing isn’t leading to customers, it doesn’t matter how many people clicked on that button.

Think data. Think agile.

We’re able to bob-and-weave with the best of them. What does the data say? How do we need to pivot, with rapier-like, acrobatic precision?

Candid relationships.

You might hear what you want to hear. But you might not. We’re not afraid of hard conversations if they’re going to improve your business.


Get to know the way we work.


Bridges Strategies sounds like a great fit.

Let’s talk.


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