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Jake Fisher

Hi, I’m Jake Fisher. I help B2B entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers exceed their revenue goals with better processes and better technology. You can catch me talking about revenue operations topics on YouTube and LinkedIn.

About Me

I started my professional life telling jokes and introducing rock songs on the radio. Eventually, I became the top-rated afternoon drive radio personality in my local city at the time. While it was a glorious endeavor to act like a wise acre on the radio, it was the opposite of lucrative. 

I got married and quickly realized that my family had material needs that the radio deejay career couldn’t satisfy. So, I started selling radio advertising. 

After a few years of slinging radio spots, I ended up with a sales management job at a radio station that played Mexican music in Spanish.

I leaned into the culture shock and language barrier, learning the Spanish language and better understanding the Spanish-dominant Latino culture in the United States. I also made new friends.

When I was approaching 40 years old, I decided to take the leap and started my own business. I figured I should do it before I turned forty years old. Statistically speaking, whatever business I started would fail, so I should give myself time to recover when the business fails. 

In 2012, I started a company called BridgeRev with one of my new friends, Ashley Quintana. As of this writing, BridgeRev has been in business for ten years. My partner, Ashley, is the CEO.

Today, I:

  • Help BridgeRev’s clients with their revenue and growth goals by providing better strategies, better processes, and better technology. 
  • Make videos and written content to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers achieve their own revenue goals. 
  • Talk to business and industry leaders at conferences and association events.

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll be helping you.

- Jake

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The Most Important Part of a Website Isn't What You Think

The Most Important Part of a Website Isn't What You Think

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My LinkedIn Inbox

SEO for Muggles

SEO for Muggles

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